Randy (19 Feb 2013)
"Is it me?  Or are End Times Events really PEAKING NOW!!??"


Earth Earthqaukes

Does it seem earthquakes are really getting more intense and more frequent??


Last week was such a BIG week in Bible Prophecy Events......UNprecidented as well
1) Russia's meteor.  Over 1200 people injured.  WOW.

Signs from the Heavens??
2) The Pope's resignation...  WOW.  Can't wait to see who they pick.  Should know in less than 30 days??

The internet is all ABUZZ with all of this.......  Rapture Ready's "Rapture index" is at ALL TIME HIGHS!!

TICK TOCK.......

Lord....as the song says (Smile, by Chris Rice)  ..

"I just want to be with you.......I just want this waiting to be over......"

Exciting times to be a Christian and to be watching what is going on the world!! 
Come Lord Jesus!!