Patrick Jensen (21 Feb 2013)
"Satan, The First Progressive Liberal"


Dear Doves;
    Examination of Satan's behavior leads me to conclude that he was the first progressive liberal. He told himself, and believed, that he was entitled to full individual liberty. He had no need of God anymore!!
    Since he was obviously the first salesman as well, he told the rest of the heavenly host, that given the power, he would enforce social justice and that they could reform their careers without having to serve anyone but themselves.
    Self centered, narcissistic and ego driven, he promised a new order of control, governed the way he idealized things should be. Two-thirds of Almighty God's Angels must have been amazed that rebellion was established upon such a twisted perception of self worth.
    These days, I feel like Burgess Meredith, who in an old Twilight Zone, found himself "obsolete" by the fascists who controlled the government.
    I am clinging to Jesus like a drowning man, whose ship of state has foundered and is going down. That ship was named "The Word of Truth" and I did not appreciate it until it was gone. The destruction of America is following a very ancient pattern, isn't it!!
    I am sold out to The Lord Jesus, and let me be honest, I am scared not to be!! How long from now is the today when we get to go home?? I don't know, but Spring would be nice!!