Gino (23 Feb 2013)
"looking for someone who knows they are not worthy, but still believes in a partial rapture"

I am trying to find someone who believes in a partial rapture, yet who is also convinced that they are not worthy enough to go.

I would be very interested in hearing their explanation of the partial rapture.

Clearly, they would not be motivated by pride, since they do not consider that they are worthy.

Yet, they believe that the scriptures teach a partial rapture.

Of course, I want to hear from a born again believer, yet obviously humble, and does not think too highly of themself.

It is one thing to be rebuked for not believing the partial rapture, by someone who believes that they are worthy to go.

However, it is completely different to be rebuked by someone who doesn’t even believe that they are worthy.

                          Thank you,