Gerry Almond (12 Feb 2013)
"A Letter from my heart"

Beloved Christians:

Pope Benedict XVI has just announced his retirement.  That means, to me, the rise of the final pope, per St Malachy’s prophesy.  He is known in the prophecy as “Peter the Roman”, and to us as the leading candidate to be the the false prophet of the Book of Revelation, chapter 13.  His name, like Benedict’s, may somehow speak of Peter the Roman.  Therefore, today I am restless in my spirit, as I so want the Lord to come and take us to Himself.  Virginia Arnke posted on 5 Doves a message that she received from the Lord saying our homegoing will be any day now.  So, I just want to write something to you all out there in Doves land, and in our beloved America.  This is the land of my physical birth, although I know that my citizenship is in heaven, from whence I look for the return of my precious Lord Jesus Christ.  

As I pondered what to write, I thought about the condition of the world.
Sudden destruction is prophesied to be the lot of this Christ-rejecting world of people.  Brother Ron Reese has written extensively about his belief that the rapture event is accompanied by sudden destruction.  In my thoughts on this, I realized that what he is saying is accurate and that there are two major conditions that accompany the sudden destruction prophesied by the Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:2ff  These are defined by Jesus Christ, in Matthew 24 for Israel, and in Luke 17 for us.

1.  The sign of Noah.  Rampant violence, among other things was the major cause of this sudden destruction.  Water was the vehicle.

2.  The sign of Lot.  We are to remember Lot’s wife.  Apostates who will not repent cannot leave the world and will remain behind.  Some will be “pillars of salt”, just as she was.  Homosexual sin was the primary cause of this judgment.  Nuclear fire seems to be the vehicle.

 In contemplation of our worldwide very serious situation, I can think of several other ways sudden destruction could come from the Almighty.  And especially on the U. S.  But why single out America?  Because no nation on this earth was called, founded, and blessed by God in its formation, (other than Israel), and no nation has so forcefully and willfully turned away from God like the U. S. has.  Sudden and so sad!


1.  Passage of a planet, or sizeable asteroid, causing gravitational upheavals just as in the days of Noah, when one such collapsed the orbiting water blanket and caused it to pour down for forty days and nights.  The entire earth population drowned, except for eight people in an ark.  Its passage also caused huge and massive earthquakes and even maybe a pole shift.

2.  Collision of earth with another heavenly body, maybe pushing the earth closer to the sun, increasing the heat, and speeding up the rotation, thereby shortening the day and night.

3.  Nearly unbearable heat caused by the earth’s closer proximity to the sun if a collision pushed earth closer to the sun.  Or if a coronal mass ejection enveloped the planet for a period of time.

4.  Nuclear holocaust caused by war.  It could be in the middle east, spreading worldwide, or a direct nuclear attack on any nation or nations because of planning of degenerate and evil men.

5.  Earthquakes in the Atlantic Ocean could send a wall of water many feet high across to America’s eastern shore, and into the Gulf of Mexico, wiping out the southern U. S. and most of Mexico and the Central American nations, as well as northern Brazil. Of course, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the other islands would be gone.  Also,  northward, parts of Canada and Newfoundland would be affected as well.

6.  Pacific Ocean “ring of fire” eruptions of volcanoes causing the western coast to literally separate from the mainland U. S. A.  The accompanying earthquakes could cause tsunamis would necessarily affect the west coast of the America, Mexico, Canada, and South America.  

7.  An invasion by fallen beings, cast to the earth by the loss of the war in heaven, described in Revelation 12.  UFO’s everywhere could be the order of the day.

8.  The occurrence of the rapture of the Church and subsequent  removal of many persons from key positions, leaving civilization, especially of America and Christianized nations in confusion, paralyzing both government and civilian operations.

9.  Rupture along the New Madrid fault in the Mississippi River basin could split the U. S. into two separate land masses.

10.  A coronal mass ejection aimed directly at earth could both scorch it beyond practical use and it could wipe out all satellite technology and fry the electric grids of the nations, pushing the world’s civilization back into the dark ages.

11.  A terrorist inspired nuclear device explosion above any country. could wipe out all electric power and plunge a country back into the early 1900’s.

12.  A collision of a heavenly body with the moon, causing it be pushed closer, directly affecting the tides and creating tsunamis upon the land.

13. Change in the orbital plane of Jupiter, the king planet from its present one could open the earth to all kinds of asteroid and meteor impacts.

14.  Volcanic eruptions worldwide could change the face of the world.

15.  A pole shift could occur, creating the destruction much like that portrayed in the movie “2012”.  

And of course, any and all of these could occur in one short time period.

The only reason for this listing is to show how easily the Creator of heaven and earth, God Almighty could, if He chose to, destroy the entire earth just using what He has created, and nothing else.  However, the U. S. A., the land that has been most blest by the Almighty, from it very inception, could be the recipient of the worst of His righteous anger. Both Europe and the Orient, along with the middle east, because the middle east contains Israel, could be spared the worst of the destruction in order for it to fulfill the prophecies concerning Israel in the latter days.
One thing, however is certain.  God will have His Kingdom on earth, whether men like it or not.

The most pertinent scripture passages in my opinion right now are all of Revelation 12 and 13.  I believe they are being fulfilled right now.  

Our “electorate” (those on food stamps, teenagers given the right to vote, and flaming liberals) saw to it that Obama was re-elected.  They want to continue to feast at the Government trough.  That is as it must be in order to fulfill the Scriptures, as God declared that He alone puts in leaders and He alone takes them down.    

Dear ones, the Bible says that God Almighty, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is angry with the wicked EVERY DAY.  But, I believe that right now, His anger is so great, and the cup of national sin in America is so full since our President declared homosexual marriage to be the law of the land, effectively turning us into another Sodom, that He will very soon burst forth in WRATH WITHOUT MERCY on a world that hates Him, and I suspect that He will start with the U. S. A.  That means, by necessity, that the rapture of the Church will soon occur, since He promised that His wrath would never fall on His true Church.  But oh, His anger against the apostates.  They will be so very, very sorry that they corrupted the Church of the living God, I can tell you that, and that is based on holy Scripture.

Beloved brothers and sisters.  I beseech you, in Christ’s name, in the name of Yahushua, (Jesus Christ), that you make your election sure right now!! There is no time to waste.  Buy up the time, for the days are evil.  Please, please heed the signs of the times, and especially forgive one another, as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.

Cease from attacks on one another.  If you have hardness in your heart for a brother or sister in Christ, the time has come to forgive and repent of all misdeeds and to get right with the One who forgives and restores.  If we forgive not one another, God says that He will not forgive us. These are very somber and sobering words, indeed.  

I have read Five Doves for several years now, and have contributed only when I felt that the Lord gave me something to say.  I look forward to meeting many of you in heaven one day soon.  As the song says, “What a day that will be, when our Jesus we shall see, when we look upon His face, the one who saved us by His grace.  When He takes us by the hand, and leads us to that promised land, what a day, glorious day that will be.”  Amen!


Gerry Almond