Gerlinda (18 Feb 2013)
"David Flynn told us plainly that it ends in 2013"

In his book Temple of the Center of Time,  David Flynn's book tells that the Equinoxes (the whole procession of all the houses) adds up to a total of 25,920 years and would, in his calculations, be the end of the time allotted to man.
He tells that the earth's circumference is divided into three equal parts of 8640 years each.  And when Jesus Christ came to earth in AD 33, it was in the time of the last third (already 6660 years into the final third when Draco dominated the heavens).  There were only 1980 years left, which he believed would end Ad12/13.  Well, how about this bit of information taken from the below link that tells of all the things that is linked to March of 2013.
What does one get when he multiplies 8640 x 3 = 25,920 years.  Included in the whole link below are many reasons to be looking up but this one excites me the most, which I've highlighted here in yellow.  gerlinda
Precession Of The Equinoxes – Not Solstices – March 20
The Precession of Equinox which is normally calculated at 25,920 years begin and ends on Equinoxes. March 20, 2013 is the true end of the cycle as it represents a true balance of light and dark.
No Kidding…. March 2013… The New 12-21-2012… 25 Events to Watch.