Charles (20 Feb 2013)
"Father Forgive Us Set Us Free"


Picture yourself a little child you wake up and discover your in a ditch a wide chasm there is no crawling out from! Your eyes begin to well up in tears and trembling in the pit of your stomach! You are humbled and entirely helpless your walk got you there lost in a pit! You do the only sensible thing you call out for mercy and for someone to rescue you!

You here a voice Child follow Me! Hello you yell! Child follow me! You squint and see all around the chasm are wolves and lions and bears you cry out and hear a whisper follow me! So you crawl that way and you find food Hungary you eat then water and you drink! You can then walk and it gets lighter so you see your path it's impossibly steep and narrow so you cry out in dispair and a hand appears beside you to study your walk!

You stumble occasionally but never fall completely and with each step the hand beside you holding you you walk! Then you realize there is a pack ahead someone dropped it you pick it up its heavy but you manage!

Way far ahead you see light and a tree of life a rainbow and go towards it all the while you hear follow me my child follow me!

You reach the too of the chasm and you see who was calling you the Father by His Spirit! You look beside you and it was Jesus leading you! The Fathet looks at you and says look. You look and you see everyone else in the world in the pit! Some try to climb out and fall. Others seem to be camping out Making the best of it even enjoying it!

Then you look ahead the wolves have found a path to come down! You see a few people on the rocks above calling to the people warning them to cry out to go the other way to climb out of the pit help is there if they ask for it and listen to the instructions they hear!

Amazingly people shout back no that's ok they are fine but a few sense the wolves and begin to call out they suddenly understand and say help me!

The father says I could save them all but they are stubborn and until they realize they are in this mess and will listen to me the best they can I cannot show them the way out! Can you go stand on that rock for me and try to warn them so maybe they will listen call out and hear me? What can you say  amazingly some say no thanks for saving me I got to get back to my business! They don't get it. Others say well not what I want to do but ok! Some say sure but never get there! Finally some are so shaken by the fact that they are still helpless without that arm and they others are just cannot see they rush to the to the rock stand on it and cry out wolf wolf flee call out you will be saved!

I was hopelessly helpless broken in a pit! I was shown mercy a voice said follow me I said ok I will do it your way! It took so long to see the truth the chasm was just a deeper hole in the pit! The wolves are kept away by the same right arm holding me up. I am helpless without it. The Rock I am standing on is a Perch where the rescue can reach me to lift me out of the pit! By standing on it and warning others I am waiting to be set free and trying to save others!

There is no hope in this flesh or the work of our hands stop listening to those who say our job is to make the best of the pit! Cry out wail moan rend your heart call upon The Lord follow the light of Jesus word get o bribe Rick and cry out wait for Him to come and lift you out of the pit!

After the rescue there is no one to help you need to call upon The Lord and follow His Holy Spirit home now!