Charles (19 Feb 2013)
"Breaking News"

God wants you to stop what your doing! And listen closely! A meteor just hit Russia breaking news you heard! Well soon the news will be saying something like 153 mlilion disappear around the globe! Aliens took them sudden destruction reports coming in all over font worry x just took control and has negotiated with the Ets to save us! Sound far fetched So would a meteorite hitting Russia without warning the day before it occured!

News Flash! God does not care about your denomination your plans for this summers vacation! Your investment strategy or what is going on in tv land!

He cares whether you will here His voice stop the vanity in your mind let go of your pride and realize you are in a net that is closing in on the whole world! That you cannot save yourself with religious doctrine, feel good books and sermons, self help or storing up wealth!

The whole point of this life is to come to a knowledge of the truth that we all were born without hope except Jesus came and truth is the truth and died for us and rose from the dead for us to have a chance to live! It's not the head knowledge its the rending of the heart it's the realization of the fact they we are hopelessly helplessly in a lost situation that we cannot save ourselves from by our hands. The Pharisees tried to justify themselves not seek Gods justification. But God expects us to come out from among the world and to separate ourselves unto Him that's the meaning of holy not just go to church once a week and forget Him the rest!

If your in a pit and your going to perish and a lion is circling around about to jump in and eat you what are you going to do? Are you going to be thinking how to maximize your 401k? Are you going to be wondering who will win the football game Sunday? Your going to be crying out for a savior!

Breaking news that's where we all are! If you A) don't see this wash your eyes B) realize once you see the line and where you really are what your vanity is does not matter and focusing on it instead of calling upon The Lord to save you will lead to you being eaten C) call put from a torn heart and a belief of the truth of your situation for salvation believe in your heart Jesus rose from the dead and confess Him as Lord! Stop now following and living for the pit and pick up His cross and follow Him!

Try and warn others even if they think your daft yell at you to shut up throw stones and stop their ears!

You watch wait pray hoping for a savior to lift you out! He's coming!

Meteors, storms, EQ, signs everywhere if you cannot see what's coming because your watching to much tv focusing here not on Gods word breaking news meteors are coming out of no where without warning Gods trying to get your attention to look at your situation and reason with Him!

Let us reason together says The Lord though your sins are as scarlet let them be white though your good deads be filthy rags let them be as wool! God wants everything you have to try your hardest with His help to die to this world and live for Him and after you commit to this He will make up the other 100% of your debt!

Is Jesus coming for those watching waiting praying crying out for a savior or those more interested in their vacation this summer?

Give all you got to Jesus and know you need a lift out of the pit He's your only ride! If your still thinking of puppies and flowers football and 401ks your just not seeing clearly! Buy gold tried in the fire, salve to wipe god eyes, and a robe of white from Jesus! After He comes its too late!

Don't think He's not on His way!