Charles (19 Feb 2013)
"Thursday my heart is breaking"

Both February 21 and March 21st are Thursdays my dream showed the rapture happening to me on a Thursday! I pray for this my heart is breaking! It may be Friday or Wednesday elsewhere! I don't know the exact day or hour! But I have to say my heart is broken! I got talked into going to a hockey game! I looked around everyone screaming yelling getting into their team! I just thought in horror this is the whole country the whole world! They have no idea or want to that we are all everything we do is watched by God! This whole world is distracted by what is in front of them and very few want to dwell on Gods word because it connects them of their sin, it points to a coming judgement! Hockey games are a fun distraction! But the truth is if a flood is coming you better heed the warning move to higher ground! But most scoff at the warning because they have not been convicted by reading Gods word of the truth. The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom the church shows a saving Jesus without preaching He first must be our Lord! The bible says the wise speak of judgement but a fool rebukes instruction!

My normal conversation of the weekend revolved around a relative wanting to visit the Grand Canyon this summer! Really I said we may not be here then that's all I got out! I was told to be quiet! I woke up today and heard the desire of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, the pride of life is of this world and this world perishes but he who does the will of The Lord abides forever! I years this 20 times but really was convicted of the truth! The world is to blind us to the truth and God searches the hearts and minds of who is receptive to the truth to by His calling bring them out of the lie!

I am surrounded by an entire world that is walking on the vanity and I am a pariah trying to say we need to be rescued by Jesus because the world is perishing in its vanity! The fact is so few see what's coming and embrace the truth and become convicted enough to believe and warn that the world can scoff and laugh them off even the main church!

But I am broken hearted because I see the truth that this world is a big distraction to keep us entertained and looking down when we as Nicole said should if we understand the truth be looking up and obsessed with The Lord Jesus and getting rescued! I am just a helpless broken man humbly trying to from a broken heart plead with you all Jesus is the only hope the only way free from this coming time of trouble! They think I am wrong for putting the zeal they put into a hockey game in trying to follow The Lord!

Jesus is the good Shepard his sheep hear His voice and follow Him! Please if He knocks open! Let Him in!

I cry when I hear my spouse talking about going somewhere on spring break she calls it drama! I just know and believe the truth and see what's coming and why I need a Lord and savior to rescue me! I want to think of nothing except Jesus and His cross and now to warn others who tell me be quiet!

I love them and shake at my own feeble chirps of warning! Please please please please please He is coming as a refiners fire a fullers soap we may have just one month just a few days! I would not make summer plans! Except to try and be on the ark!