Bob K. (19 Feb 2013)
"Events are speaking LOUDLY!"

Dear John and Doves,
    What does it take to awaken the sleepers? The "matrix" embedded within present-day culture is a powerful and evil form of control, different from the "bread and circuses"  of the Roman Empire only with respect to its level of sophistication. The media, entertainment, humanist values, and government powers have us believing that profligate spending, self indulgence, and moral relativism is the road to living life well.  In the calculation, conservatives, authentic Christians, gun owners and anyone who dares suggest we might be off the road and heading for the woods at 150 miles per hour are the "enemy".  Events that scream "wake up, wake up" are occurring left and right. How loud will their collective voice have to be before Neo comes out of it?
    Most recently we have witnessed a pope resign, a former police officer go on a murderous rampage, a 10-ton meteor explode in the skies over Russia, a large asteroid narrowly slide by our planet, and a cruise ship go dead in the waters of the Gulf, becoming, in effect, a floating septic tank. Each event delivers a particular prophetic message: (1) the Church is weak and sick - more of the same will not fix it; (2) many people are so turned inward, anything goes;  (3)Jesus is the Rock, burning brightly and coming quickly into our atmosphere with explosive power; (4) man's systems are collapsing and, on our own, we are without real solutions, and;  (5) our world is meant to be an Edenic oasis, but I AM  has administered a shot across our bow. We are ordered to come about and prepare to be boarded!
    The Lord has invested HEAVILY in us and our world. Consider the price Jesus paid to get us back on track! Mostly, however, we have not yet appropriated the true life, the authentic one that he paid for. The good news, though, is that God's blueprints for the Earth and human life will triumph! The demonic matrix will be destroyed. We must remember this, holding on to it even as we witness events of far greater magnitude in the near future.  Pray Psalm 91. God is good!
Bob K.