Benny (13 Feb 2013)
""March 2013 .... The Beginning of the End?!""


Hi Doves,
There are so many signposts pointing to, and converging on the same general time-period .... March 21st --- April 1st,2013.
Will the world witness"the beginning of the end" during that time-frame? In other words, will the world experience the onset of The Great Tribulation Period(Matt 24:21), the Rapture of the Church(1 Thess 4:16-18), and/or the Abomination of Desolation(Matt 24:15) during these rapidly approaching dates.
Here are just a few(of many) sobering points to seriously consider:
(1) The RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Device) was originallt scheduled to be implemented no later than Mar 23,2013. Many including myself, believe that it, or some minor modification of it, will be The Mark of the Beast spoken of in Rev 13:16-18. Go to to read about the specifics of the law as outlined in Obamacare..."Desire' van der Kruk(11 Apr 2012) 'Re: Nicole - RFID March 2013 not 2017!"
(2) Anna @777aej had a dream that the man-child of Rev 12(symbolizing the Rapture) would have a one-year gestation period stating on Easter 2012, and ending Easter 2013 ... "Know Your Enemies, Slipping Away, Easter to Easter, not Trumpets to Trumpets". (Jan 11,2013).
(3) The logo of "The Skull and Bones(NWO) displays the secret number "322". Could it represent "3-22" or Mar 22,2013?
(4) President Obama is scheduled to visit Israel on Mar 20,, "Mathman(8 Feb 2013) 'Please do not underestimate the importance of Obama's Spring 2013 visit to Israel"
(5) Barbara @Godshealer7 prophesied of a Spring Wedding(Rapture) ..."A Spring Wedding For The Bride". (Jan 5,2013).
(6) The next earthquake on "the 188-day cycle" is slated for Apr 2,2013.
(7) The Giant "21" ocean inscription --- A giant "21" can be seen from a bird's-eye view(Goggle Earth) ... view @RaptureFlightToHeaven, "Mayan Ct. Shooting & 12/21; America Ripped; Giant "21"/Rapture - The Groxt!" -- Calvin(Dec 17,2013).
(8) Donna Danna's use of Biblical numerics and Gematria revealing a possible Rapture on Mar 31,2013 ..."Donna Danna(15 Jan 2011) 'WILL THE RAPTURE TAKE PLACE ON 3/31/2013, EASTER SUNDAY?
  Keep in mind that she posted her calculations slightly over 2 years ago!
(9) The bizzare method that the dates Mar 22nd and Mar 31st are brought to our attention ........ view @9nania's website:
(a) "Another Synchronicity!!! 3:31!!!!
(b) "Again!!!! 3:11, 3:22, 3:31!!!! warning  warning  warning!!!
(10) The hidden message delivered at Superbowl 47 ---  Were the elite of the NWO telling us that we must first reach half-time(mid-point of the last 7-years), and then very shortly thereafter----Sudden Destruction and/or Rapture?
  Was Beyonce' portraying death and destruction as she lay prone on the stage at the end of her performance?
 The lights went out with 13:22 left in the 3rd quarter(slightly after half-time). Could this be their signal to the world that the evil "1" is coming on "3:22"or March 22nd ="13:22"?
 It sure looks like the NWO elite knew exactly when to"pull the plug"!
(11) The hidden message behind The Georgia Guidestones( American Stonehenge) yields a Mar 22,2013 event?! ...view @9nania's website,"Tribulation/Rapture Watch: Mar 20-22,2013". (start @9:26 into video).
(12) Mar 22,2013 will be exactly 1,260 days after Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  (a) read, Renee M(30 Jan 2013) 'The two 7-year timelines".
  (b) view @ "Daniel's Timeline:IMPORTANT UPDATE".
It is very possible that by April 1st,2013(April Fool's Day) the Lord will have separated the wise from the foolish virgins(Matt 25:1-13) by means of the Rapture.
 In light of the collective evidence, those who are wise will "be even more diligent to make their call and election sure!"---2 Pet 1:10.
                                       ybiC ----- Benny