WhodaThunk (4 Feb 2012)
"RE: Watcher Woman "need urgent prayer please""

From WhodaThunk

I had to look back to read the post you referred to, which is at http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2012/watcherw127-1.htm.

It appears to me that the message coming through loud and clear is you love your grandson.  Not that this is a bad thing, but your view of him may be a bit strong.

There are few grandma's out there who don't believe their grandsons are superior in some way to other children, and express that to anyone who will listen to them.
True Spiritual growth comes through the Holy Spirit teaching us as we experience life.  Your grandson doesn't have enough years of living to be physically mature, which makes it impossible for him to be Spiritually mature.

You have put him and his words up in the realm of the supernatural and may be using him as a proxy for your relationship with God.  He is just a boy, and hopefully will grow both physically and Spiritually to maturity.  But he does not stand in the place of God.

It appears that you trust your grandson completely, but you say you are finding it difficult to trust God in your situation.  A lot of people will make light of this as if it is easy, but the greater the difficulty, the harder it is to trust God.

And then there is this.  When troubles come our way we tend to want to tell God exactly what He should do.  That puts us as God's superior and Him as our servant ... a wee bit backwards.  You don't know what God has in mind in allowing whatever events that are happening in your life, so why TELL God what He should do?  (which is useless anyway)

I have an idea, how about truly placing your self and your circumstances totally and completely in the hands of God and trust Him for whatever outcome He has in His plan.  This is an attitude change and is you recognizing that God is ..... GOD, and that He knows more than you do, and that He will do as He promised in Romans 8:28 .... which is to work all things toward your good.  Perhaps God is moving you toward a greater goal than you expect, a goal in which you recognize and trust Him that He will do all according to His Word.

God may trade in your useless material possessions for eternal gold and silver ... for one of His most valuable possessions ..... YOU!


PS Your grandson is probably a nice kid, and it sounds like he may really one day be a preacher, but he is just a kid, and when he is grown he will be just a man.  I'm sure everyone who reads the data on this website and sees your post will be happy to pray for you, as will I.    There are a tremendous number of people who read this site that never send in a post here.  Trust in Jesus, and you won't be disappointed.