Watcher Woman (13 Feb 2012)
"First Fruits is the key, I think"


Thank you so much for your post! That scripture has been playing over and over in my head for days
but some reason, I could not find it. I am convinced that the secret is contained in this scripture. My spirit
just keeps saying, First Fruits, First Fruits, First Fruits......

I am not one to set dates or any of that stuff but love to read about it, but I just think the Lord hid the date
of the Rapture in the Bible for the diligent to find when the time is right.

We have been having some mighty moves of God where I live and great meetings lately. God is truly getting His church
prepared to be in position to receive the next thing He has for us, I can feel it in my spirit. The giant that is the sleeping
or waiting church is about to stand up. I have always felt that the church is going to do some awesome works in the
earth before we leave here and I think the whole world is crying out for that whether they know it or not.

The unbelievably evil things going on in this world and in America are reaching a boiling point. We have become
saturated in evil and the occult. It's Got to Stop!!!  I made the mistake of watching a new tv show the other night
called The River. It was the most blatantly occult demonic tv show I've ever seen!!!! They literally threw everything
they could in there from witchcraft, channeling, demons, foul language, you name it. I could feel the demons coming off
that show. Combine that with the Madonna debacle and other things and I wondered how many people had become
possessed last week through their eye gates........

I am still being attacked financially. Still have not found a new job and now my body is being attacked. Please pray for me.
God recently told me through someone that I have a decision to make but I have no idea what that might be. He also
said that He had a Miracle for  me in the month of May. I am excited about that but meantime the bills are piling up
and my gas tank is running low.  I do feel like the Rapture will be in the springtime, don't know why, but I also believe
that we have some work to do first before the Sudden Destruction. Now that, I do believe in......I've seen the Spirit.

But it's all soon to come. I just hope I'm strong enough to stand still and see the salvation of my God.....without doubting or faltering.
God bless the Doves and all readers and lurkers.................Comfort ye one another........................Watcher Woman