Walt (15 Feb 2012)
"Mary RE: RE: If possible"

Mary and Dennis, it sounds as if you are referring to Matthew 24 verse 24. Of course it is possible for the elect to be decieved at this very moment. That particular verse, however, I believe is referring to the elect after the ressurection and of course at that time it would not be possible. If you read several of the surrounding verses including verse 28 you will understand that the elect (Eagles) are gathered together at the carcase. (The slain One, Jesus, whose flesh is food indeed for those that are His.)  my humble opinion.  Also read Job 39, 27-30. The eagle (elect) dwelleth and abideth on the rock........ from there she seeketh the prey (the bread of life? the slain body?) (does this describe us doves watching for his coming?) She, like us has eyes that behold the slain one from far off!! verse 30--- Where the slain are, there is she. Interesting!!

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