Tyra (10 Feb 2012)
"Ron Reese, Mathman, Gerry Almond and many many others"

Keep up that great work!  Don't dare stop because I too have researched very much on the Illuminati and they "must" tell you before they do it.  The Illuminati call it their code of honor, I call it Satan's arrogance.  I've always completely agreed with your timeline of 2008 - 2015 simply because God showed me the same things.  It's how I found Ron Reese and from there the 5 doves.

We are all here to encourage each other and comfort each other not to discourage in any way.  So what if Jan. 28th wasn't the date?  Do you need to apologize?  No, No you don't.  You are watchmen on the wall and God chose you to be watchmen on the wall which means you MUST send out the warnings!

God Bless all of you and Thank you John for this website it's been a blessing to many of us out here.