Tom Tanner (4 Feb 2012)
"re-set calendar calcs?"

John and Doves,

I saw an earlier letter by Jean on the 84 new moons of the 2520 day counts.

We should consider that our present time-lines may be off by 60 days!

In fact it (they) may not be a time-line after all but a time-circle... 
Ecclesiastes  1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.


these haven't happened yet...

these all occur by fall 2016...

these are all Hillel rabbinic reckoning...

Adar II, 5774 (29 days)

Adar II, 5776 (29 days)

[quote= Jean Stepnoski (4 Jan 2011)]

Dear Doves,


      We may have a breakthrough in correct interpretation! The period of 7 years of 2520 days would be the average of 12 new moons annually to get 84 total new moons. If the total should be 84, there is a complication. The Hillel calendar must add 2 months, about 1 every 3 years. This gives a total of 86 from 11-7 to 8 in 2010 until 9-30-2017. We cannot subtract the 2 Adar II new moons necessary. Where do we need to subtract the 2 to get the 84? We subtract those of 11-7 to 8 and 12-7 to 8 in 2010! Therefore the count of 84 by 9-23 or 9-30 in 2017 is shortened by 2 new moons to get 84. It then appears that the days are also shortened by 60 days into the 70th Week!


 Also we can see the 84 begin as of the first new moon in 2011, namely the Rosh Chodesh of 1-5 to 6, 2011! The concept of time in the 70th Week of Daniel that will be most important overall may be 84 new moons, rather than the Hillel or Gregorian calendars reckonings of time!


      The Rosh Chodesh will be a premier marker for time during the 1000 year reign. It may be critically necessary for our understanding now. It may prove a vital clue for interpretation, for understanding the period of the 84 new moons and the  2520 days of the period ahead.


      For those who see the conclusion at The Second Passover in 2018, as of 4-30-2018,  then the 84 new moons must begin by mid 2011. Might that date of 4-30  be The Coronation? Might it be the grand conclusion of the 2520, plus the 75, plus the 7 months for burial of the dead? My thanks to CJ for these ideas.


      The next new moon, the Rosh Chodesh of 1-5 to 6 in 2011 may be tremendously important! May we be WATCHING!


With Love and Shalom,


A friend of mine alerted me to the videos below, which is the best video explanation I've seen that explains the difference in the Jewish calendar and our own. It's by Floyd Nolan Jones.







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