Talsma (15 Feb 2012)
"Amanda regarding the attacks"


Amanda, I read your post regarding the attacks on your son and yourself.

Dr. Karl Payne has a book, Spiritual Warfare, (ISBN 978-193648833-9) which is powerful in the practical understanding of what is happening and how to deal with it. I and family can witness that what he writes is true!

Page 90 in the book has this prayer. It is based on Psalm 27:

"Lord, if that is a demon telling me (fill in the accusation), and that You haven't forgiven my sin, please torment the one who is tormenting me, destroy the destroyer, undermine the one who is attempting right now to undermine me. Contend against the one that is contending against me and catch it in its own traps. Thank You! I pray this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Christians CAN be demonized! Dr. Payne compares it to our "houses", which God owns and of which we are the landlords, having bad destructive tenants moving into our vacant "rooms" and then trying to taking over even more! Different reasons for this: generational curses, not letting Jesus into all our "rooms", unrepented sin, their assignment to destroy us.  Anything not filled with the spirit of God will be filled with the spirit of darkness.

I have personally gone through demonization. It is real! Your son and you, 1) in the authority you have because of JESUS' VICTORY over satan and his, have the right to throw these things out of your minds and lives. 2) The Holy Spirit stands ready with power to enforce the eviction when you ask! And these things cannot hide and lie about themselves when you remind them 3) they will come before the White Throne of God!

Another issue in dealing with these things is the ground rules of their leaving. From Dr. Payne's book (page 130): "The statement, 'In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ' precedes all the ground rules. The Lord Jesus Christ is our authority, not a rabbit's foot. The purpose of repeating His Name is to make it clear to the demons involved that we understand the Lord Jesus Christ is the reason the Christian will win this conflict."

I came out of a Lutheran tradition where it was believed real Christians could never experience real demonic attacks. Wrong! That's why when I experienced the demonization I didn't known how to fight and get them to leave. It was only the Holy Spirit actually tutoring my husband and me in real time as to how to deal with the demons and get me free of them! Lacking this knowledge Christians are wide open to their attacks.

May our Father send to you believers who will stand with you in this battle!