Susan SMCH (18 Feb 2012)
"Through the Fire; By the Fire; From the Fire"

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Through the Fire; By the Fire; From the Fire
by Susan SMCH

Remember the story in Daniel of the 3 men in the fire? Remember also that a 4th man accompanied them in the fire! Jesus was with them!
   He could have saved them from the fire. He could have saved the by the fire (absent from the body, present with the Lord.) In their case, Jesus protected them through the fire.
   This has been on my mind for a couple of days because of my firm belief that we are in the last of the last days. So many Christians spend so much time debating the timeline and specifics.
   The reality is this -- everything will happen according to God's plan! So, providing that we truly are His (bought by the blood of Jesus) ... in the end (eternity) we will be either (1) carried us Through the Fire by His protecting us through the Great Tribulation; or (2) He will allow us to be taken By the Fire which would mean death in the midst of the Tribulation making us a Tribulation saint; or (3) He whisks us up in a Rapture  protecting us from any of the Great Tribulation.
   God's plan is a win/win for all believers in Jesus Christ/Yeshua - King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Come quickly Lord Jesus.