Steve W (14 Feb 2012)
"Will we Both Fly this Friday February 17th ?"

Dear Doves,
As Ron Reese and Mathman have indicated, Friday the 17th of February in the year of 2012 is a definite "high watch" Rapture/Sudden Destruction date. After January 28th came and went I reasoned
that the supposed Illuminati warnings over the past two months were simply events that happened with no full proof that these were  warnings or road signs from the New World Order.
I have since reconsidered. I now feel that there is a belter than 50/50 chance that these warnings were indeed brought forth by the NWO. Of course time will be the definite determinate of
this theory.
Once again, Ron and Mathman have given us very well thought out reasons that February 17th or perhaps March the 8th could be the Sudden Destruction the Bible warns us about. Should these two dates come and go it would seem less likely that the necessary events needing to happen before the mid point of the 70th week (April 11th ,2012) can happen before the AOD. As a believer in the 2008-2015 timetable,  the time is rapidly closing for this theory to pan out. However, I have been very impressed with Ron Reese's and Mathman's latest research giving factual data that seems to put the immanency of the Rapture /SD back on track after a near derailment on January 28th. Thanks guys for not giving up and continuing to press on in what seemed like a dead end. Your articles are impressive and persuasive.
Now the reason for my short post. Living in the Seattle area I have been aware for several weeks that President Obama is headed out to Seattle this Friday the 17th of February for a luncheon fundraiser. The luncheon begins at 12:30 pm PDT. Air Force One will most likely leave Andrews AFB in Maryland around 7:00 am PDT. The Plane trip is about four and one-half hours. He should arrive at Seattle Boeing Field around 11:30am PDT. If Feb 17th is the pre determined day the NWO has planned for their "sudden" destruction, it is at least noteworthy to look at Obama's schedule for that day. Here is what caught my attention:
1)Obama will be in Air Force One. This Jet is equipped with everything needed for safety and to run the country efficiently in any emergency just as if he were in the White House.
2) The flight to Seattle takes the longest amount of flight time from Andrews AFB to any major city in the contiguous United States. At four and one-half hours, that's as long a flight the President can
take in this country outside of flying to Hawaii or Alaska.
3) If indeed the SD is to happen, there needs to be a generous window of time for things to coordinate in order for development of various pieces to be put in place.
4)  If Ron Reese's theory is correct, it is paramount that President Obama be in a safe place when the SD happens.
5) Highlight the hours between 7:00AM PDT and 11:30AM PDT as "high watch " hours.
Could we both( us and the President) be in flight sometime during these hours this Friday the 17th of February 2012 ? We shall soon see.
Just another tidbit that adds to the intrigue this coming Friday.
Are you ready ?
Blessings to All,
Steve W.