Steve K (3 Feb 2012)
"re:"more information about the 46th Superbowl""

Hi Elliot,excellent posting(s)-really enjoyed your comments.Add me to the list that believes the Jan.8th Broncos-Steelers/John 3:16-Tim Tebow game was a miracle laced with prophetic implications! The perfectly-formed halo that hovered over Denver's mile-high stadium was God's exclamation point on His message. I have constantly been thinking and praying about just exactly what it means. It never ceases to amaze me how willfully unbelieving the vast majority of the unsaved are! Even in the face of this amazing miracle/sign most simply shrug it off as foolishness or at best "interesting" but of course nothing beyond that. What will it take to get them to take spiritual realities to heart?....Apparently nothing short of the horrors of the great tribulation period! The fact that the game went to overtime-representing a delay in the timing of the Rapture seems very clear to me,since I was shocked when the Feast of Trumpets came and went in Sept. of 2011. So surprised in fact, that it radically changed my perspective and position that I held for over 25 years concerning end-time events. It's Tebow's game-winning t.d. pass 11 seconds into overtime that's not so easy to decipher. Perhaps it's not God's will to give us the exact meaning,i.e.,exact date of the Rapture. Here's some food for thought,if the Lord choses the Superbowl to Rapture His Church then there will be exactly 28 days inbetween the Jan. 8th game and the Superbowl. The number 28 representing eternal life......John3:16?               ybic   Steve K.