Steve K (13 Feb 2012)
"RE:'More Clues From the M iraculous Game' and Feb.17,2012"

Hi Elliot,Here are some more thoughts on the possible meaning of the miraculous Broncos-Steelers playoff game on Jan.8,2012. Isn't it frustrating at times to not know the exact meaning of God's message when you are so absolutely convinced that He sent a message in such an amazing manner?After reading Mathman's awesome posting on Feb.11th,"13 Reasons Why We Should Watch February 17th",it made me think about the possible correlation between the miraculous game and the possible Feb. 17th Rapture/Sudden Destruction date. Tebow's one and only pass in overtime may represent one last 40-day warning. As Mathman pointed out,it is exactly 40 days from Jan.8,2012 to Feb.17,2012! The pass being thrown at the 11 second mark of overtime may refer to the 11th month on the Jewish calendar-Sabat,which is the equivalent of February on our calendar. And lastly,here's another observation concerning the Feb.17th,2012 high alert date. While researching the Biblical meaning of the number 17, my heart almost skipped a beat when I came across these words........"During the days of Noah, God vanquished rebellious mankind by the flood which He began on the 17th day of the 2nd month. The number 17 signifies 'complete victory in Christ and vanquishing the enemy"-Sure sounds alot like Rapture/Sudden destruction!! Keep looking up!     ybiC-Steve K.