Stan Freeman (17 Feb 2012)
"Pastor Riley's Sincere Honest Question"

     Pastor Riley, I have read your paper “America is Babylon!”  Is that so…??”  dated November 17, 2007, along with most of your other articles.  There is a message “To Be Continued” at the end of the Babylon article, but I could not find the continuation.  I would very much like to read your latest thoughts on this topic.

     I cannot agree that one somehow changes or adds-to prophecy by understanding that Babylon, the hindermost of the nations (Jer 50: 12) may exist under another name in the end-times.  It makes little difference what we name a national entity—the entity is as the Lord sees it regardless of what we call it.

    Nations have spirits & organization, and the Babylonian composite may be manifest in successive national entities.  Moreover, I can find no mention in your writings to the “Daughter of Babylon”  (Psa 137: 8; Isa 47: 1; Jer 50: 42; Jer 51: 33; Zec 2: 7) and who or what entity this may be or may signify.  Sorry if I missed your take on this.

     Yes, there are Israel, Egypt & Syria; but there are many more end-time nations whose present-day names do not appear in scripture; nevertheless, these nations will play their end-time roles & the Lord will judge them as prophesied.

     The exegesis of the Biblical types of Babylon & the Daughter of Babylon is extensive & well-documented, and truth-seekers should prayerfully search-out the matter for themselves.  Zechariah 5 : 5-11 in no way precludes a Babylonian-type end-time nation in another geographical location.

     Your belief that Babylon the City will somehow rapidly rise again in its historical geographical area to become a military & economic Superpower during the Tribulation & fulfill the many Babylon prophetic stipulations would certainly be a miracle of Biblical proportions.  Time will tell.