Stacy Raborn (18 Feb 2012)
"For Jennie, in Love, and Anyone Else Who Believes they Could be Left Behind"

My dear sister Jennie...  May I just encourage you to be careful not to focus wholeheartedly on one scripture -- especially one that may be taken out of context, as I attempted to explain in my last post.  There are so very many many scriptures that assure us of who He is, who we are, and of His promises to us.  We are to believe Him and have peace in our belief; and that is a wonderful gift.

I can tell you from experience... I used to say to myself, "I should be praying more, I should be fasting, I should, I should, I should."  Or I would say, "I have to do this so that I am ready; I have to do that in order to be holy".  What is the key word in what I was saying?  It is "I".  My focus was on what I should be doing -- and why??  So I could earn something??  Yes, that was my motive, and I confess that now.  But when I trust Jesus for His holiness that He finished for us at the cross, and I wait upon Him to compel His spirit in me to move, then it becomes His idea and His leading -- His work -- His glory!  I simply just obey.  That is the difference, and that is when works come from faith.  I had to learn this!

And when I choose to believe Him and obey Him, obviously through complete surrender and love that is given to me through the power of His Spirit (my seal and guarantee), there is absolutely no way ever that He will leave me or forsake me.  To leave me behind to suffer the wrath that will be poured out on all unbelievers, when I am believing upon Him through the power of His Spirit, would be the absolute act and definition of the word "forsake".  He said very clearly, and more than once that He would not do this to me, and I believe Him.

Again, my motive in sharing this with you is not one of judgment; it is 100% in His love.  Jesus took me full circle back the absolute truth, and now I am compelled to share that with others.  This is all I plan to say on this subject, as I don't want to sound like a clanging symbol.  I just felt this last bit of truth might be helpful.

All glory and honor goes to the name of Jesus Christ!