Spoely (13 Feb 2012)
"Michael Colunga - RE: Nicole - RE:  Taking Mark Out"



I am with Nicole on this one…If someone stands up and says “I’ll take the mark.”  They are done.


First, they will have a temporary reaction that will probably scar them.  Those sores might fester (or itch) for the remainder of their time on earth.  Probably won’t get rid of the scars or even the sores.


Second, I believe that their minds will be fully committed to their decision and by their own power, God’s or  even Satan’s power, they will not even have the desire to listen to a salvation story.

Remember also, the church will be gone, the Holy Spirit will be gone.  Also, a tribulation saint that will not want to talk to someone with the mark.   Probably would not be in the best interest of the tribulation saint, to have a salvation story.


Third, sin will be rampant during this time.  I believe an attitude of ‘everything goes’ will also come along with the mark. Romans talks about how God leaves the sinner to his/her own depraved mind to do the things they want to do.


Finally, the antichrist’s plan might also include engaging those recently marked in some type of propaganda training, or even worse turning them loose on finding ‘unmarked’ individuals/groups.  Large rewards of NWO money or food might be offered.  Even, though the Left Behind series has some problems, it does paint a bleak picture of what the scheme of the antichrist forces is to find and kill the unmarked.  (We probably don’t have the time to read them now. J)


To be safe, Michael, we should just recommended people to NOT TAKE THE MARK.