Simon (14 Feb 2012)
"RE: Marilyn Agee - Simon "Re: Ron Reese - Sudden Destruction""

Dear Marilyn Agee,

Thank you for reminding me about May 17 as an important day since it’s Ascension day. Your message reminded me of some thoughts I passed to Doves in 2007 about the Month of May, see below.

Sent: 01 May 2007 13:36
To: ''
Subject: Endtime major players

Below is just a thought of today:
Primary end-time players: President Bush, Bin Laden and Ariel Sharon.

Secondary end-time players: The Pope, Iranian & Syrian Leaders.
Side note: If period from 7 May to 17 May to 27 May 2007 passes without any significant event, we should continue to watch for period 2007 through 2017. Remember that it is still profitable to just watch for the Lord’s coming!!

Another thought sent in 2007 is as follows:

Dear Doves,

Could the month of May express Steve’s 1-4-7 pattern?

A – first letter of alphabet

M – 13 th letter of alphabet

Y– 25 th letter of alphabet

 From letter A to letter Y, the middle letter is M.

Notice that:        A = Alpha (beginning)

                                Y = Yahweh (??end)

Hence, 1-4-7 pattern.
Just a thought for today.
Personally I find it exciting to keep on watching and paying attention to any possible day that seems of interest. Therefore, I find 17 Feb worth watching not only because of other brothers and sisters communication but also of the number 1072 that I have written about since it mirrors 2701. I note that 1072 becomes 172 or 17/2 if one ignores the zero.
NB: The Primary end-time players: President Bush, Bin Laden and Ariel Sharon who are listed above came about in a dream that gave me a glimpse of scenes leading to 911 also being an important sign-post for rapture. The dream was on the first Sunday of January 2001. The dates of May 7 and 17 May were my speculation in line with the numbers 17 and 7 in another dream in 2001.
God bless you and all Doves; and let’s keep on watching for His coming.