Simon (11 Feb 2012)
"RE: Ron Reese - Sudden Destruction"

Dear Doves,


After reading Ron Reese’s message posted today and entitled “We can expect the Sudden Destruction on the Day of the 6th Warning Message". I was reminded of three numbers that were in his post: 40, 17 & 7. I recently wrote a post to Doves indicating why there was no need for apology concerning the 28th Jan by both Ron and Mathman. I indicated that this date was a 10 day warning leading to Feb 6th. On the same night I then dreamt of the number 40 and the information from the dream about this number I couldn’t remember.  As I was wondering what the number could mean I then remembered the 28th Jan and I strongly felt that the 40 days were related to this date. I then added 40 days to 27th Jan (in line with 2701 see my previous post) and that resulted in March 7th; which is close to March 8th in Ron Reese’s post. I noticed that Ron Reese points to Feb 17th. I then remembered that in 2001 I dreamt about two numbers that I strongly felt were connected with the rapture but I have never known clearly, how. These numbers were 17 that changed to a 7 (I have written to doves about these numbers). Therefore the two numbers could probably be very important sign-posts concerning the rapture.


Just a thought as we continue to watch and pray!