Shania (29 Feb 2012)
"My Original picture and reply to "What or Whom Is This?"  Corrected, Pictures included"

Doves, I am sorry, I tried to send this yesterday and something happened to the pictures, so I am resending. Please forgive my attempts and failures. Thanks!!!!
Dear Doves,

       Thank you so much for your responses, I appreciate it. As we know, we all can look at the same thing, and see different things. I was out on a nice day in April 24, 2005, on our country property. I am always taking pictures of the sky, chemtrails, clouds and the sun. This day was no different. I didn't even put the camera up to my eyes, just pointed and shot.

       When I viewed the picture on my computer, I immediately saw a form near the sun. I put the picture in Paint Shop Pro and blew it up, and saw a dragon.

If you look closely, you can see the pupils in the eyes, and the reflection from the sun, and ridges above the eyes.

You can see teeth, long and sharp on the top, shorter on the bottom. To our left, the dragon's right, under the eye, appeared that something was holding on to the dragon.

        I quipped, maybe I got a picture of the Biblical dragon, and an Angel held him back from killing me right there on the spot.

Again, we all see things differently, and I am honored that you took the time out of your day to give me your opinions.


                                                                      Thank you, a humble servant, Shania


Cropped picture, enhanced in Paint Shop Pro







Original Photo