Seth C (9 Feb 2012)
"Dream november 2011"

Me and Simona an old classmate from school were very excited to go to colledge/college? :) It wasn't too long,just a two years kind.This way we weren't just having a highschool degree and we were not getting too smart neither with a too long kind of colledge.It was perfect!But,in order to get in we had to pass exams (european way).The problem was that for that year, 2011,the time for exams was already passed.(it's usually in the fall-september,october).We really thoughtwe were going to get in,but to our surprise we were given books to study instead.We had to study for the next year chance 2012.I looked at the books and i said to myself:o,i can do this!This is exactly what i'm best at!It was grammer and word analysis and then some literature.So i decided to schedule my lesons(grammmer and literature) for each day of each month untill the next year exam so that it would all fit perfectly within the timeframe.I said:this lesson for this day,and this lesson for the next day and that one for the following day....of this month, of that month....of the following month...etc...and i counted until the following year(2012) atsome point in the first part of it.It was the first quarter of it.I can't remember the exact month. To stretch it out, the first half of the year.And then the counting stopped because we got news,really good news.A voice announced loud:"All waiting is CANCELLED because the rapture will happen by/before then!"We were so happy...amazingly happy!We were going to be in college THEN without having to wait till september.

My first interpretation was this, the only one i would allow myself to accept:
Timeframe for studying and the lessons-waiting and praying. (watching) for the rapture to heaven
2011 college-2011 go to heaven posibility(rapture)
2012 college-2012 go to heaven posibility(rapture)
Waiting/studying is cancelled =meant ALL waiting is cancelled=rapture in november,or at least that year (2011)

(after the rapture not happening in 2011)
The waiting is cancelled when i got stopped by the voice.At the 1st to 4th month of the following year (2012).To stretch it out, by the half of the year.

To be 100% safe there is a 3rd INTERPRETATION:
IT will happen by the fall(sept-oct) 2012

See you all in heaven this year!