Seth C (6 Feb 2012)
"interesting times we live in"

HI John,
My name is Mari and i am a christian that believes in the pretribulation rapture.I want to thank you for this website. You are doing a great work of God.He will reward you for all you have been doing and will do until He comes back.I do believe that we are at the door,not much left now.A lot has past and a lot less to still be fulfiled:Ezekiel38-39,which i believe is soon to come.
I dont know if this letter will be posted but i want you all dovers to know that i am a watcher,i have been one since the Lord woke me up and confirmed over and over that His return is iminent.Like you all i believed He would return in 2011 and when He didn't i got descuraged and asked again.Long story short, i have got prophetic dreams and words of encouragement from Him.He has been so nice to me,i don't deserve it;really,every time i'm dissapointed and almost cry that it didn't happened this time either,He just comes and "hangs around" giving me words of encouragement like He is saying:"It's gonna happen it's right here."I had been stressed with a personal problem last year,something that had/has tobe done this year 2012 and didn't want to have to deal with. He told me that i won't have to because by then it will already be too late.I believe the rapture will happen this year and all our problems will be left behind....unless,of course,you have loved family members that need to get saved before is too late.
More details in future letters i guess.Thanks for reading