Seth C (14 Feb 2012)
"İt's not in vain"

Last night,a cuople of hours before i went to bed i was praying and pouring my soul out to the Lord about my difficult last year untill now.A lots of bad things happened since He woke me up about His soon return:phisically and not only.İ got to a point where i am just exhausted of everything:i am ready to go to heaven.İ just want to rest;no more sorrow no more pain.He encouraged me and i received His words of promise for joy that He has prepared for me at the right time.Later,i go to sleep and i have a dream.İ didn't remember much of it;just very little.İ went back to sleep praying that if it was prophetic He will help me remember it.İmediately i hear the Holly Spirit telling me:"İ will restore back to you all the things that the enemy stole away from you!"After that i rememberd the dream without any problem.İt came back to me and the puzzles were put together.The dream reflected the words i heard in my spirit.İ'm tired and won't write it down,but if you are out there and feel like you are being attacked and beaten down by the enemy, don't give up,your fight it's not in vain.God will give you back everything that has been stolen away from you.
Rise and shine,your glory has come,it' almost here.
Don't give up!