Seth C (13 Feb 2012)
"rapture dream2012"

On January 20 2012 i asked the Lord for a reconfirmation of HİS messages to me.He promised me He would come back soon, very soon.Well He didn't.İ started worrying and being confused.Did i misunderstand Him?İ needed a confirmation,and a good one.So i asked the Lord for a dream with some timing involved.İT was my birthday after all,good time to ask Him for favors:).So i get a dream,a good one.Here it is :

İwas in a room with some watchers for the Lord's return.We were under big spiritual pressure and fighting the devil and his demons.We were praying and watching,watching and praying.We were also looking on some books/charts debating the timing of his return.Some were saying 2012 others 2013.İ wasn't happycat the sound of another year for watching.Someone said:look, 55! This is the sign for the BRİDE!We are right here NOW!See....55-58.This is the coming of the Lord!İt is HERE!Suddenly,we look outside ans see Jesus coming on a white horse towards us.The devil was defeted and made a turn somewere else.İT WAS 2012!Jesus was coming in 2012.WEwere sooo happy!He come in the room and closes the white door behind all of us.İ find myself trying to keep the door closed and i was struggling.İ could see demon fingers trying to open the door.Jesus saw me and came next to me facing the enemy on the other side of the door and said with authority and loud:"YOU SHALL NOT OPEN THE DOOR".İ realised then that i was trying in vain to keep the door closed.Jesus was gonna do that.His word was to be done!İ saw a baby wrapped in a blanket in His arms when He said the words.İ had Rev. 12 in my mind in that moment.İ woke up from dream.

The important detail is that when i woke up it was 12:55 am. that was the proof of my dream being prophetic.Not just that,my explanation of the dream is like this:
İf 12 could mean the year 2012....
rev. 12 is in 2012(acordind to my dream)...
55 means Bride NOW in 2012....
then JESUS İS COMİNG İN 2012 and REV12 WİLL BE İN 2012!

After all i did wake up at 12:55

One more thing:the 55-58 mistery....
The only way i can explain that is that it's an intervat of time within 2012.İt can't be days so it could be months:

55 is for january
56 is for feb
57 is for march
58 is for april

The second time i looked at the clock after i woke up it was 12:58.