Scarlette (3 Feb 2012)
"To Everyone, John,  Ron Reese"

Good Morning John, All Doves, math man, and Ron,

First Of I would like to say how much I loved this website John!! I told Ron that it was my morning Coffee. I need this website to get me through the day and help me make the right choices. I love reading every ones' posts You All help me grow closer to the Lord and help me find my path in this world. To Ron I just want to say you are AWESOME! and I look forward to reading more of your High Rapture Alert posts!! I get super excited and pray harder and longer .. like I said John I thank you so much and I want to thank GOD for leading me to find this website because without it I would still be a super lukewarm Christian. You all encourage me to read more of the bible and to pray more and to look up and be ready! I also want to say that I think God  could feel how much I love him and he didn't want me to be left behind because I wasn't on the right path... so he showed me some things .. like on December 7th when I was driving in the super early morning like 3/4am I had a urge to look up at the moon and I heard someone( which I believe to be God/Holy Spirit) telling me that the moon was going to turn blood red that night.. I didn't even know that December 10th was suppose to be a Lunar eclipse. As the moon set it really turned blood red and I took a picture of it  ( John Would you please add the picture if you can. It's from my phone and I am sorry for the quality) on the 7th of December and showed everyone at work,, and they were all amazed. I believed God spoke to me to get my attention and also that week was when I discovered the Five Doves because I was looking for news articles seeing if anyone else saw the blood moon that night.. The only thing I found was that December 10th 2011 was suppose to be a blood red moon. So I realized that God was trying to get me to open my eyes and hear him.. to seek him again because I needed to get right with him before he came back.. but as I was searching for any other evidence of the blood moon on Dec 7th I found the five doves website and I was hooked.  I want to tell you that even though I don't know you I Love all of you!!!! And I am hoping and praying so hard that The Lord finds me worthy to escape all these things and stand before the Son of God. And to see you all in heaven really SOON!!!!

Your Sister in Christ