Scarlette (17 Feb 2012)
"RE: How is help not a help"


Hi Doug Blakemore,

As a Former Service member I can tell you that even if the US helps Israel there will not be enough troops. I just got out as they have started drastically Downsizing our Military.. Iran, and their back up Russia amongst others ( the ones turning their backs on us now) will outnumber us Tremendously. I can tell you that between the Iraq war kick off and into Afghanistan there aren’t near the amount of troops left. O has really done some defense cuts to the point that we are having to merge Brigades because there aren’t enough troops to make up a Brigade anymore. I can tell you that there is a certain number of Infantry/foot soldiers that they are keeping in each unit ( whether Marine, Army, Air force)  for War purposes …but it’s not close to what we had before… We civilians aren’t told everything… The Media isn’t told everything to report to us, that’s why so much stuff gets leaked.. The Media knows when we aren’t being given the whole truth, that’s why they try so hard to uncover stuff… There are secrets, worries, problems not revealed to the American people that (I) The Service members know about. This country beefs its citizens up to believe we are invincible. For this major War about to break out… O has stripped away our protection.. They are being weeded out I promise you.. If you are a few LBS over weight and you can’t lose it in 2 weeks your gone.. I know this because I was the one writing up their Chapter paperwork to kick them out, If you have any kind of injury they don’t want to deal with you anymore, ( hand them their disability and get rid of them) or just anything wrong with you at all.. they are finding ways to get rid of them.  Can’t qualify on your weapon properly bye bye..I know we have allies but if the government keeps doing what they are doing the allies Iran have will outnumber us.  I agree with you it is time to Pray for Israel and our own country.. but I also believe that God will intervene. I personally don’t care what the government does I am not a part of it anymore and I have begged my Husband not to retire and to get out of the Service and that is exactly what he is doing now.. and I don’t plan on being here neither should anyone else when this mess blows up big.. I’ll be watching & praying Jesus takes us ( his Bride) away from here.

I love you all and can’t wait to meet with you in Heaven!!

YSIC - Scarlette