Scarlette (11 Feb 2012)
"Prayer Request Please please!"

Please Doves Will you please pray for my Husband Christopher? He has been having nose bleeds, headaches ,and dizziness for about two weeks.. he thought it was sinuses but the doctors needed to check it out..He had a cat scan for brain tumors and cancer but they found no trace of that in the scan. They want to re scan him to double check and he has a blood draw and a contrast MRI this morning. He says he doesn’t feel good. My husband and I served Active Duty United States Army together. I got out in Dec 2010 and he is still in. I have just recently moved our children and Myself to Oklahoma because this is where we are going to settle down at and he is still in Fort Bliss Texas. He will soon be out of the Army (hopefully next month) on Medical Discharge due to hearing loss during his first tour to Iraq and second tour in Afghanistan. He isn’t exactly where he needs to be in the Lord.. he believes but he is Very Lukewarm. My Husband is Catholic and I am Christian. I pray that our Father heal him and I ask all of you to please pray for him too.. he is only 27 years old.

Thank you so very much Doves!