Sara B (3 Feb 2012)
"Re: Jane - to doves, please help me write this letter"

We feel the same as you, very burdened for friends and family members. So let us tell you what we have done.  There is a website we have shared with Doves on a few occassions that has been very, very helpful -  We have printed out the pages of this website and included the printed pages with our brief letters (we're desperate and willing to try anything to get their attention to the truth). So many questions are answered on this website for those are not saved or are backslidden, etc. We also have told as many people as possible to go to the website as it is very simple, easy to understand and a little scarey if you don't know Jesus and are not saved.  In your case putting the website link on facebook is much more effective than talking or explaining too much to relatives and friends that don't listen and who haven't listened for years.  If you are going to write a letter make it simple and refer them to this website (and I'm sure there are others), because it is literally impossible to get them to listen to how close it is that we are going home.  We found that if we could get anybody to watch the left behind movies that has been a help too. So we've given those movies to a lot of our friends and family and a card with the website  I'm sure others on Doves will give you some good ideas, at this point we all need ideas and help because we could be going home anyday.
Sara B. and the Prayer Warriors