Rowina (4 Feb 2012)
"To Joe M"

Joe I was praying and meditation about your health situation.  I was thinking of all the various things we take to boost the immune system.
You probably know the list, including vitamin C.  What came to my mind as I prayed was that it might help to take a Mixed Tocopherol
version of Vitamin E.  This would not be the mono-tocopherol cheap version, but the MIXED with a spectrum of E factors, and it's best
if there is also Tocotrinol in the mix.  Do not take this at the same time as the Vitamin C--it works better separate.

I should not be one to give health advice since I have several rare blood problems, but I have learned how to prevent, in most cases,
infections.  Apart from the genetic disorders I am healthy and have lived long.  I had an infection recently for the first time in years, which
I think may have been from lowering my immune by taking a cortisone shot.  Usually I go years without a cold or flu even though I take no

But this view of the E complex for you came to me while I was praying for you.

I find Vitamin E does things for me that are surprising--I find out what these are if I don't take the E.  One of the things I get worse without E
is spasm and jerkiness in the legs.  I must have E in addition to magnesium and B1 to alleviate those problems.  I have no idea how the E
works in my case.

Anyway, I pray God to alleviate your present difficulty, which is made worse by temperature changes in your working day.

Bless you, Joe!