Rowina (3 Feb 2012)
"Please Father deliver us from the National Dogfight, from one little dog"

I believe we are now overwhelmed on the internet--as well as on TV--and whatever other electronic gizmos we have invented--by hate!

My email Inbox gets daily doses of explicit and sometimes violent hatred of the United States' current Administration.  And then  I get the opposite--hatred of all things Republican or opposed to the Administration.  Some of it is true but much of it is ramped up to a level which can only be called hate mail.  Even if it is not about me, or directed at my person, it is hurting my soul to read about so much hate.  Sadly, some of it comes from people I love, people who are important to me.

We have just witnessed an awful blitzkrieg in the Republican primaries here in the USA, especially in Florida, where the primary just happened.  There are many state primaries and caucuses to go before the Republican convention in August.  There would be a similar hate fest going on in the Democratic primaries if the incumbent were opposed, so it's not just Republicans, and the Democrats have will have a billion dollar fund ready to fuel their attacks in the General Election after August.

Because we have terrible troubles in America and the world, brother has turned against brother.  As the Bible predicted.  

In America, it is good that we have enough free speech left so that we CAN speak out in this way, against things we find wrong.  But when this speech is used not to find truth but to obliterate opponents, it is totally destructive.

In our present election, as we all know who pay the slightest attention to it on television, or even the web, or radio, MONEY is used to buy hateful advertisements about opponents.  We can but assume that money is what is securing the outcome of the elections.  It is said that contributions from "big bankers" come to both Republicans and Democrats, so that that the Big Ones can have a favorable outcome whichever side wins.  This has been said through many political campaigns, for decades.  Some of the Big Ones are not even Americans, and their influence comes from over the waters.

Some say this is God's judgement on us for our sinfulness, our abortion rate, our pornographic entertainment and books, our disrespect for the family and God.   Here on Five Doves website, we wonder when this will end.  But some of us go on "rooting" for one side or another in this dogfight.

Indeed it is a dogfight as hateful as the animal slaughter which a sports hero was convicted of fomenting a few years ago.  

We all hope the rapture comes even before August, even before November, but in the meanwhile we are in the Dogfight, rooting for our animals, or actually BEING the poor dogs who are led into the carnage.
It's human nature, but let's hope Our Father soon gives us a Heavenly nature which will stop doing this.  If we do not get Heavenly soon, we will not need an atomic
attack to bring us down.  We will have let our "leaders" destroy themselves and perhaps us.