Ron Reese (9 Feb 2012)
"The 5th NWO Sign--Jan. 28th--Sudden Destruction Soon to Follow--Part 2"

                                             FOLLOW--PART 2
I would like to start this post with a disclaimer.  Anything that your read below, or in succeeding posts by me, should not be misinterpreted as total support for any particular date.  I am NOT going ALL IN for any date again.  It appears very likely that Jan. 28th was another New World Order sign, perhaps the Final Warning, before their Planned Sudden Destruction.  Below is an attempt to show you what the NWO 5th sign was--on Jan. 28th.
I am very excited about writing my next post, which is all about the ominous sign that the NWO MAY have very recently given to us, about the 6th event, the Planned Sudden Destruction, which seems to be planned for this month, February.  Therefore, this post will be fairly short.  In order to be looking for the 6th event, which, most likely, will NOT be another warning, but, instead, the REAL DEAL EVENT OF THE PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, we must establish that there was, indeed, A 5TH NWO WARNING SIGN, on Jan. 28th.
The 5th WARNING SIGN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, was the two simultaneous  NWO events that took place on Jan. 28th.  The New World Order elite, from around the world, were deliberately gathered in two different locations, on the very pre-planned date of the scheduled 5th Warning Sign, Jan. 28, 2012. 
The annual Alfalfa Club function, held in Washington D.C., is only attended by the movers and shakers, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies, the Bilderbergers, and all of the rest of the who's who of the New World Order elite.  It is an annual event, that is completely closed to the media.  In other words, this is a highly secretive event.  It is always held on the last Saturday of January.  Hence, they knew, well in advance, that their annual secretive function, would be on JAN. 28TH, in 2012. 
As one can imagine, Barack Hussein Obama, their CHOSEN MESSIAH AND FUTURE ONE-WORLD LEADER, was the their KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR THE THIS HIGHLY SECRETIVE MEETING.  This was NOT just another annual function of the Alfalfa Club.  This was their Final Meeting, before their long-awaited Planned Sudden Destruction.  This was the 99th Anniversary celebration of the exlusive, and highly secretive Alfalfa Club.
That's right, the 99th Anniversary celebration.  That is 33 X 3 = 99.  As explained, in great detail, in previous posts, these are evil, occultic, Satanic numbers.  It is also
9  X 11 = 99.  Did you catch that?  On their 99th Anniversary celebration, it is very likely that they celebrated, or maybe also finalized, their Final evil, diabolical plans, to destroy the United States, by means of another 9--11-like Planned Sudden Destruction event, only this time, of such tremendous magnitude, to bring down the U.S., and to establish their Satanic One-World Government. 
On the other side of the world, again on the Warning Sign date of Jan. 28th, the majority of the rest of these evil, egotistical Satanic people, were also meeting in one place.  2500 of them were gathered together in Davos, Switzerland, in the Alps.  They were there for the 2012 World Economic forum.  But who knows what else might have transpired at this forum.  Were these NWO elite, celebrating, or finalizing, their evil scheme to bring down the U.S., with a Planned Sudden Destruction event, that will trigger the start of their evil One-World Government?  Out of chaos, and the ashes of WW3, will spring the New World Order.  That is their motto.
If you want to believe that most all of the NWO elite were gathered together, in just two places, on the pre-planned date of JAN. 28, 2012, just by coincidence, I guess you have that right.  Three weeks inclusive apart, 4 different subtle clues, or signs, had been given by the NWO elite.  Something really, really big, looked scheduled for the 5th pre-planned date of Jan. 28th, like the Planned Sudden Destruction.  It seemed to coincide Biblically.  That is what made it such a potentially ominous date.  That is why a WARNING had to take place.
But it obviously was NOT the REAL DEAL date, but I am CONVINCED that it was the date of their 5th and probably Final, Warning Sign, before Event # 6.  We have to call the 6th one The Event, because it is very unlikely to be just another subtle Warning, like the 1st five clues, or signs.  In my next post, I am anxious to show you how the NWO has communicated this to us.
The theme of this meeting in Switzerland, of 2500 of the world's elite, was "THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION".  How very clever!  Here is the definition of the word "transformation":  the state of being transformed; a CHANGE in form, appearance, nature, disposition, condition, and character.  What an extremely accurate, and perfect description of what is about to take place!  The NWO elite are getting ready, perhaps in a matter of days (no more than a few weeks) to totally TRANSFORM AND CHANGE THIS ENTIRE WORLD, BY AN ACT OF UNPRECEDENTED, AND UNPARALLELED, PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!!!  
Remember, these are New World Order signs, and these are New World Order elite people, all gathering in two places, ON THE PRE-PLANNED DATE OF JAN. 28TH.  One meeting was the 99th anniversary, with the number 99, filled with all sorts of Satanic implications, of another event, of much greater magnitude than the horrific 9--11 event in 2001.  The other meeting is named THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION, perfectly describing what is about to take place, right on schedule, with their pre-planned diabolical, and unprecedented, Planned Sudden Destruction.  All coincidence?  Hardly.
Do I believe that all, or most, of these people know what is about to take place? No, I do not.  The details, and timing, and magnitude, of this Satanic scheme are likely only known to a very select few.  This event, involving the destruction, or demise, of the United States, will be unimaginably devastating, cataclysmic, and horrendous.  It will take place SUDDENLY and DESTRUCTIVELY (Ist Thessalonians 5:3).  It has been years, and probably decades, in the planning.  Luke 21:35 refers to it as THE SNARE, OR THE TRAP.
I remain convinced that this Planned Sudden Destruction, by the NWO, will be simultaneous with the Rapture (See the post on my website, showing Scripturally why this is true). 
Fasten your spiritual seat belts, Christian brothers and sisters.  I cannot wait to show you what I believe the New World Order has just revealed to us, about their 6th message (that is a clue), and simultaneous Sudden Destruction.
Jesus warns people alive, in the very last days, in which we are now living, in Luke 21:34--35, "and so THAT DAY come upon you unawares.  For AS A SNARE
(A TRAP) shall it come on all them who dwell on the face of the whole earth."
Ron Reese