Ron Reese (7 Feb 2012)
"The 5th Sign--Jan. 28th--One or two Sudden Destruction Events to go"

For those of you, who held no stock in Jan. 28th, as a High Rapture Alert day, you will probably not want to read any further, because it was just that.  But instead of being the day of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction, it was the date of the 5th New World Order sign, or clue, or message.  Each of these messages have come EXACTLY 3 weeks inclusive apart.  11/9/11, the reverse of 9/11, was the 1st warning message, and Jan. 28th was the 5th warning message.  I will expound on this 5th warning message in my next post.
What is extremely ominous is that the NWO has now informed the world, that THE 6TH WARNING MESSAGE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER WARNINGBUT WILL BE THE DAY OF SUDDEN DESTRUCTION (for whatever they have planned for the Destruction of New York City, and the United States).  If they follow this same pattern, with a 7th and Final Event, using the same EXACT 3--week inclusive gaps, as they have for the 1st 5 warning messages, then we can expect the Russian and Iranian invasion of Israel, in Ezekiel 38--39, to follow EXACTLY 3 WEEKS INCLUSIVE LATER, after the cataclysmic 6th event.  With the demise of the United States, there will be nothing stopping this invasion.  This is when God steps in to Israel's rescue, and lets the rest of the world know that He is still in control. 
7 is the number of completion.  Their COMPLETE plan should culminate with this likely 7th event.  What is extremely compelling about Events 6 and 7 is that ONE EVENT IS POINTING TOWARDS AN OBVIOUS BIBLICAL DATE, AND THE OTHER EVENT HAS VERY STRONG BIBLICAL IMPLICATIONS, FOR A POSSIBLE BIBLICAL DATE.  So, once again, we have the NWO's Planned Sudden Destruction dates of the Destruction of the U.S. and the Planned Sudden Destruction of Israel, seeming to point towards Biblical dates.  I am NOT here to tell you these events will happen on these dates.  But I am here to tell you that this is the way that these extremely ominous events seem to be lining up.  The EXACT dates and the Biblical significance of these dates, will be expounded upon, in my 2nd post after this one.  These events may, or may not, be fulfilled on these suggested dates, but the signs are compelling.
Many of you are already saying, "Here he goes again, projecting another likely date, or even two."  Here is my response:
I know of no one else who takes their calling as a Biblical watchman, more seriously than I do.  I quit a very good job, with good pay and benefits, several years early.  I have NO doubt the Lord, not only was leading me to do this, but also showed me the day that I was to retire.  Since that day, three years ago, I have been an obedient, diligent Watchman, seeking the Lord for answers with all of my heart.  Some weeks, I spend more time on this Watchman ministry, than I did at my job at work, including the overtime hours.
Thank you, John Tng, for providing this site for watchmen to present their views. There are many new people on 5 Doves and several hundred brand new people on my mailing list, who know almost nothing about me.  So, here is a brief review:
I have a BBA degree, with a major in Accounting, and also graduated from a night Bible School in 1979, where I also taught Bible Prophecy.  I have preached in several dozen churches on end-time Bible Prophecy, and pastored two churches.  For over a decade, mainly in the 1990's, my wife and I had a Bible Prophecy tract ministry.  The Lord blessed me to write 37 different tracts about the 2nd Coming of Christ, with the plan of salvation included on each tract.  We have almost 10,000,000 tracts in circulation.
This was a ministry, not a business.  We donated many, many tracts to Bible Prophecy ministries, and to poor Christians overseas.  To the rest of the people, we had to charge just enough to break even.  We also wrote quarterly newsletters, and produced Rapture t-shirts, Rapture bumper stickers, Rapture music, Rapture preaching tapes, etc.  Our ministry was unique, so we were widely accepted into the Bible Prophecy community, with many of the major Prophecy ministries promoting our ministry, and using our free tracts, that we donated to them.
I spent countless hours, sometimes more than I was on my secular job, involved heavily in this Bible Prophecy tract, newsletter, and evangelistic ministry.  I did all of this, while working a minimum of 40 hours per week on my secular job, and helping raise a family.  One of the highlights of my ministry was to preach a Bible Prophecy Revival for 13 consecutive Saturday nights in my community, with Bonnie Gaunt.  Bonnie, author of about 15 books, mostly on Bible gematria, would teach and show slides, and I would preach.  What awesome altar services we had. 
Bonnie's books were well-received, well-researched, and very well-written.  Bonnie, who passed away a few days ago, was a tremendous blessing in my life.  We visited her in her new home in Arkansas about 7 years ago, and she gave us overnight accomodations, and took us canoeing, insisting, at age 75, that she would paddle one canoe, while my wife and I paddled another canoe.  She was a
Christian role model, full of knowledge, wisdom, and grace.  She was an infrequent contributor to 5 Doves also.  She made it to Heaven, just a few short weeks ahead of the rest of the Bride of Christ.  Bonnie, thanks for having such a positive impact upon my life.  You were a tremendous blessing to so many around the world, who treasured your books, and to everyone who knew you.  You will be greatly missed.
In 2001, after 11 or 12 years of writing newsletters and tracts and preaching on the end-times, and the 2nd Coming of Christ, my ministry came to an end.  Because of burnout, and other circumstances in my life, I was on the shelf for 7 full years.  In Oct., 2008, that all came to an end.  Amazingly to me, the Lord decided to use me again.  Nothing in these last few paragraphs was meant to exalt myself in any way.  In fact, during those 7 years on the shelf, I was one of those backslidden, compromising Christians, that I often write about.  And I knew in my heart, that I was probably not ready for the Rapture, during that period of my life.
That is why I was so amazed when the Lord picked me up off the shelf, and decided that He wanted to use me again.  Once he decided to give me revelations, and supernatural confirmations, of several different Prophetic things, I knew that any sin in my life had to be dealt with immediately, if I wanted to continue for my Lord to use me, and for these supernatural experiences to continue. 
Maybe, just maybe, the Lord has been rewarding me, for my faithfulness and dedication and diligence during those 11 or 12 years of service.  That is the only reason that I can think of, that he would pick someone like me off the shelf, and decide to use me again.  Almost miraculously, that which was separating me from the Lord, immediately disappeared, and I have done my best to live a pure, holy, and sanctified life from October of 2008, to this day.  Thank you, Jesus, for the awesome transforming power of Your Holy Spirit.
Why am I telling you all of this?  It is mainly for the new people, who know almost nothing about me.  It is also to let you see, after 38 years of studying end-times Bible Prophecy, that I do have some knowledge, experience, service, and acceptance, in the Bible Prophecy community.  And to also let you know, that I have given up my career, all secular goals, priorities, and ambitions, to simply fulfill my calling (and it is a God-given calling), as a Biblical watchman. 
I certainly do not do this for money, as I have not received one dime during these past three and one-half years, for being a Watchman.  I certainly do not do this for fame, or honor, or acceptance, or popularity.  A true Biblical watchman will NEVER be popular, or accepted by the majority.  There are a lot more people who hate me, than love me.  I am disliked by more people than those who like me.  I am not complaining, as it comes with the territory. 
The message of repentence is NOT a popular message, among Christians and non-Christians alike.  The message of  "Not ALL Christians going in the Rapture" is a very unpopular message.  The message that we are already over 3 years and 3 months into the Final 7 Years is NOT well-received, because it goes against the grain of traditional teaching.  No, I really have NO ulterior motives for doing what I am doing, other than to serve the Lord with all of my heart, mind, and soul, and to have Him fulfill His perfect will in my life.
Many of you are probably wanting to ask me right now, "If you are a true Biblical watchman, then why have so many suggested Rapture dates, or time frames, not been fulfilled, when you thought they might?"  That is a fair and legitimate question, and however I respond, it will not satisfy many of you.  I am convinced that we are well into the Final 7 Years, and, therefore, for me at least, the Rapture/SD has been AT THE DOOR for over 3 years.  I never dreamed we would stlll be here in early 2012.  But here we are, still not Raptured, with NO Sudden Destruction.
It is much easier to see the answer looking back, then it would have been at any other point during these past 3+ years.  The 42-month Great Tribulation is going to be so horrific and cataclysmic, that NO true Biblical watchman would want to miss out on giving ONE FINAL WARNING, in order to snatch a few more souls from Hell for all eternity.  The Lord was not going to reveal the timing of the Rapture and Sudden Destruction very far in advance, as most Christians, whether close to the Lord, or lukewarm and backslidden, would not have been able to handle the KNOWING.  Surely, if any of us watchers had known we would still be here in early 2012, we would NOT have put out suggested dates for our Lord's Return, during the past few years.  But, that is the point, we did NOT know that the Lord was not going to Return in 2008, or 2009, or 2010, or 2011.  We had NO way of knowing for sure. 
After all, the signs were rapidly increasing, and continue to do so.  When a true Biblical watchman sees enough signs, pointing to a particular time frame, or date, such as Jan. 28, 2012, he is compelled to sound the alarm, and blow the trumpet.  On hindsight, there is absolutely NO way that we could have known for sure that our Lord was NOT going to Return at any point during these past 3+ years.  Please read Ezekiel 38 to see the real God-given responsibility and heart of a true Biblical watchman. 
During these trial runs for the REAL DEAL, many, many have prepared their hearts, and are now ready for the Rapture, who would not have been ready if nobody had sounded the alarm.  The coming of our Lord and Saviour is the purifying force, in the life of a believer.  The proof is in my own life, and in all of the many emails in my inbox, with similar testimonies of what this last HIGH RAPTURE ALERT WARNING
has done, for their spiritual walk with the Lord. 
If the Great Tribulation has not started by Apr. 11th this year, then I see no way for my ministry to continue.  Much of what I have been teaching and writing about for these past 3 and one-half years (almost) will have not been based on the truth.  But I KNOW in my spirit man, that the starting date of Oct. 29, 2008, the mid-point date of Apr. 11, 2012, and the ending date of Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, are God's real timeline, and therefore, the Lord HAS revealed to me the Truth.  I am totally convinced, that the evidence is overwhelming, compelling, and conclusive.  We now have less than 9 weeks to go before the probable start of World War 3, the Sudden Destruction, the Rapture, the setting up of the one-world government, and the start of the 1260-day reign of Obama, as the Antichrist.  That is a lot of serious developments in the next 9 or 10 weeks.  But I believe it is ALL going to happen during this short time frame.  It should begin with the Planned Sudden Destruction of the NWO, and the Rapture.
I see World War 3 lining up every day when I turn on the news, just as the Word has prophesied.  I see the world falling completely apart economically, just like the Word has prophesied.  I see the Antichrist in power in the strongest country in the world, and ready to betray the U.S., and it confirms that we are on the brink of the SNARE, OR TRAP being sprung on our country.  I read Tom Horn's book, "Apollyn Rising 2012", where the New World Order, and many other things, are pointing directly at 2012, as the year for the rise of the one-world government and the Antichrist.  The NWO has been pointing to 2012 for decades, and maybe centuries.  This lines up perfectly with Apr. 11, 2012, as being the start of the 1260-day reign of Obama, who will become indwelt by Satan, even as Judas did.
All of this confirms, in my spirit man, that the big game-changer, the Planned Sudden Destruction, is literally AT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!  It will take weeks to set up the 10 regions of the world, with 10 rulers, and for all of the details to be put into place, and to clean up the aftermath of this Sudden Destruction, before Obama can be put in charge, of this Satanic New World Order. 
I am NOT looking for this Sudden Destruction/Rapture in the Fall, or Summer, or even Spring of 2012, as most of you are.  The latest date is Apr. 11th, which, at that late date, would leave NO time for all of this preparation and set-up time.  I continue to maintain that we are RIGHT NOW AT THE DOOR, of worldwide destruction and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ!!!  I believe, with all of my heart, that Jan. 28th was the 5th NWO sign, and I will expound on that in my next email.  After that, the 6th, and maybe 7th, Sudden Destruction events, which are soon to follow, one seeming to point to February and one seeming to point to March. It is my very strong opinion that the NWO has NOW informed the world, that THE 6TH SIGN WILL BE THE PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION EVENT.  One, or both, are likely to take place in our immediate future.
Ron Reese