Ron Reese (2 Feb 2012)
"Jan. 28th--What happened???"

For those of you, who have been waited for a response from me about Jan. 28th, this is it.  First of all, a special thanks to all of you who expressed condolences to me, concerning the death of my father.  I simply did not have the time to express individual thanks to all of you.  Watching my Dad die a slow death over a period of five days, the funeral, and all of the arrangements with that, and one daughter's family coming from Missouri, and another missionary daughter coming from overseas, for the funeral, and staying for two weeks, have all taken a great toll on my time for ministry work.
This is the main reason for my delay in responding about Jan. 28th.  My missionary daughter has not been to the United States for about 3 and one-half years.  It was extremely important to me to be able to spend some quality time with her.  Thank you for understanding, that because of all of this, I have had very little time to respond to emails, let alone post anything.
During the past few days, I have also been waiting on the Lord, as to just how to respond.  I am a very deliberate person, and was not impressed to write a quick response, until I had heard from the Lord.  I am trusting that this email is not just my thoughts, but are thoughts and words that the Lord is helping me with.
As most of you know, I have been very strong in my belief that the Final 7 Years timeline has been given to us by the Lord.  I have said that the dates of Oct. 29, 2008, as the starting point, Apr. 11, 2012, as the mid-point, and Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, are etched in stone.  They are God's dates, not my dates.  The evidence for all three dates is compelling, overwhelming, conclusive, and irrefutable.  Those are very strong words.  A failed Rapture speculation date has not changed any of that.   This amazing evidence can be viewed on my website at:
If we are still here past Apr. 11th of this year, and if Obama has not started his 1260-day reign as the Biblical Antichrist, then my days as a watchman will be over.  Because Apr. 11th is rapidly approaching, and because there still seems to HAVE to be a Sudden Destruction event of tremendous magnitude, to bring on the one-world government, and several weeks to set up and organize this one-world government, the Sudden Destruction/Rapture MUST be extremely close.
The date of Jan. 28th was not some random date picked out of the air.  I will not take the time to review all of the things that seemed to be pointing to this date.  But, in my opinion, the supposed evidence was so strong and seemed to be so overwhelming, that I became convinced that Jan. 28th was THE DAY.  It seemed to be THE PERFECT DAY.  Obviously, on hindsight, it was not the perfect day, because it was not God's day.  Because it seemed, from my Biblical watchman's perspective, to be the perfect day, I do not regret proclaiming Jan. 28th as a High Rapture Alert Day.  In my opinion, it definitely was that. 
As a Biblical watchman, when enough signs seem to be pointing to a particular day, or time frame, I am compelled to blow the trumpet, and sound the alarm.  To not do this, and have this be the Day of Sudden Destruction, when hundreds of millions of souls will be ushered into eternity, would be a disaster to a true watchman, and have untold negative consequences for all of eternity.  Simply put, the risk is much too high, to NOT blow the trumpet, when several signs seem to be pointing to a particular time, like that of Jan. 28th.  Please read Ezekiel 33 to see what the responsibility, and the heart, of a true Biblical watchman is.
For the first time in my life, I was ALL IN for a date.  Yes, I was as convinced of Jan. 28th, as I possibly could be, without being quite 100%.  The miniscule chance of it not being on Jan. 28th, was not enough for me to risk going ALL IN.  I deeply regret using such strong language saying this was THE DAY.  I apologize, not for issuing Jan. 28th as a High Rapture Alert Day, which I believe it was, but for using such strong language to declare that Jan. 28th was the true date of the Rapture and Sudden Destruction.  I apologize, as I was in error, and have to accept much of the criticism which has come my way. 
I truly believed that my day as a Biblical watchman would be over on Jan. 28th, one way or another.  I believed that, by going ALL IN for a particular date, the Lord would not want to use me anymore.  But I was wrong.  Those of you, who do not want to hear from me anymore, will have to wait until Apr. 11th of this year.  On Jan. 29th, I was singing songs to the Lord in the shower, instead of being disappointed, or despondent.  The Lord made His presence so very real to me that entire day, as I began to seek Him for answers.
Before I reveal some of what I believe the Lord is showing to me about the near future, I just want to thank all of you, who have stood by me, and supported me, during thise past few days.  Many of you, have simply amazed me with your heartfelt support.  Your support, as well as the continued encouragement and peace and joy coming from the Lord, has convinced me that I MUST press on, from now until Apr. 11th, if need be.  After that, it will be over for me, one way or another.
A special "thank you" goes to Jim Bramlett.  Jim has not taken a public stance on the 7-Year timeline, that I am totally convinced is God's timeline.  However, we both received the same letters from an individual, who was totally ripping me apart, and ripping 5 Doves apart.  This person did not believe any of the New World Order signs, that I believe they are putting out for all to see, and ridiculed my efforts in pointing out these signs.  Jim sent him strong responses, rebuking him, and defending me, and thanking me, for continuing to seek God's timeline and even the time of the Rapture. 
He pointed out to this person, that we are not date-setters, but we are seeking to become date-discoverers.  God has set the dates, and He continues to give multiple signs to us.  Many of us, like Jim Bramlet and I, continue to believe, that with enough study and prayer, that the Lord will reveal, to those who diligently seek Him, his timing of events, even possibly the Day of the Rapture.  Thank you, brother Jim.  You are a true and loyal friend, and a staunch defender of all Biblical watchmen everywhere.
I trust that many of you have been able to discern the true intent of my posts, which is to strongly encourage EVERYONE, to prepare your hearts for the Rapture, or be prepared to face Sudden Destruction.  Many of you believe that because you are a born-again believer in Christ, then that automatically makes you ready to be a part of the Bride of Christ, and the Rapture.  It is simply not a Biblical doctrine, and has NO support from the Word.  Far too many Scriptures lead to a different conclusion. 
Yes, this email is an apology for going ALL IN for Jan. 28th.  Obviously, I never thought I would have to issue this apology, because I truly believed that this was the date that the Lord was leading us to.  But there are some people whom I do not feel I owe an apology to.
Do I owe an apology to those backslidden Christians, who wrote to me personal emails, thanking me for the warning messages of Jan. 28th, who got themselves spiritually ready for the Rapture?
Do I owe an apology to those watchers and strong Christians who have thanked me for issuing this High Rapture Alert, and who have secured an even deeper walk with the Lord, and an even closer relationship to Him? 
We must remember that the Word teaches us that the Blessed Hope is the purifying force, in the life of the believer.  In other words, the closer you believe your Lord's Return is for you, the more you will get your act together spiritually, as opposed to thinking that the Lord is coming back someday in the future, but you just don't have any idea when, and do not really want to know.  I KNOW that many of you agree, in your heart, with that statement.  I can personally testify, that the closer I believe our Blessed Hope is, the more my life gets purified.  Believing our Lord's Coming is AT THE DOOR is extremely important in the spiritual lives of most Christians.
Do I owe an apology to those who use cuss words in condemning me and the message of the extreme nearness of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction?
Do I owe an apology to those who do not believe in a Rapture, so who continue to believe that any mention of a Rapture, at any time, is misleading people?  My strong belief that the Rapture will precede the horrendous Sudden Destruction will continue, until proven otherwise, because I believe it is Scriptural.
Do I owe an apology to those who are very mean-spirited in their replies to my emails, and High Rapture Alert days?  Their un-Christianlike responses just proves that they are not really listening to the real message that I am sending out.  That message is to "Repent, and draw closer to the Lord", the same message that the first 3 Chapters of Revelation very strongly give, to all backslidden, unwatchful, compromising, worldly, and lukewarm Christians everywhere.  It is one thing to rebuke in love, but when one rebukes in an un-Christianlike manner, it is an obvious indication of where their heart really is. 
In my next post, I will attempt to show you why I believe the Lord is showing me that I am on the right path, in trying to discern the timing of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction.  The title of today's message is, "Jan. 28th--What happened???"  Most of you believe that nothing significant happened.  I will attempt to show you that Jan. 28th was NOT an insignificant date.  I BELIEVE THAT JAN. 28TH WAS OUR 5TH WARNING SIGN, OR CLUE, LEADING US TO ONE (OR TWO) FINAL EVENTS, INCLUDING THE RAPTURE AND SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.
But I assure you, that I am not going ALL IN for another date.  As the Scriptures admonish ALL Christians to do, let us continue to be DILIGENT Biblical watchmen.  Our Lord is Coming back for us, and I remain totally convinced that He is Coming for the Bride of Christ, in just a matter of days, or a few weeks.
Ist John 2:28 says, "And now, little children, ABIDE IN HIM; that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and NOT BE ASHAMED BEFORE HIM AT HIS COMING."
Revelation 3:3 says, "Remember, therefore, how thou hast received and heard, and HOLD FAST, AND REPENT.  If, therefore, thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shall not KNOW what hour I will come upon thee."  Does this not strongly imply, that if we DO watch, we WILL KNOW THE TIME?
Ron Reese