Robin B (9 Feb 2012)
"the metaphor of abortion will be our end"

Dear friends...I know the controversy surrounding Glenn Beck on this forum,however,he shares information NO other media will. I subscribed to his new internet TV station, GBTV. He has expanded the information regarding the danger within our nation. Last night (2/7)was an especially disturbing episode...showing pictures,extremely graphic, of decapitated, dismembered, skinned, ect,corpses left for warnings to either the police or other drug cartels. Pictures that are horrible images of brutality and savagery we cannot fathom.  These are no longer mexican drug lords alone, as the gangs and cartels have been joined by Hammas and Hezbollah. The pictures,descriptions and commentaries were provided by his guest, who was the former director of the Border Patrol. This is all credible info.Prayer rugs and books on jihad were found left at the border in haste. Intel is sure a WMD was smuggled into the US as recently as October. Comments have been made that this WMD could kill up to 300,000 Americans in an hour...and the terrorists thought this was "wonderful"!
If this is all true...and truly I have no reason to doubt it...then, perhaps, it will be God's judgment displayed in a twist of irony.  America refuses to repent of it's savagery of abortion...a child murdered within the safety of the womb. And...the jihadists will invade the citizens of this country from within...the very administration that is supposed to protect us is welcoming them in...refusing to secure the border. I may be stumbling around to formulate my thoughts and present a succinct scenario,but, I think you may get my point.
There is no time to waste in pulling our families together and sharing the urgency of the situation. If we fail to share Jesus and His redemption with those in our lives we share responsibility for their eternity in hell. Last month was the 39th anniversary of Roe v Wade...we know that 40 represents judgement in the Bible...America will see God's judgement on our soil for the sin of 56 million babies murdered in the womb as we drive past the Planned Parenthood clinics on our daily routines. We should be on our faces in grieving and repentence! Robin B