Robert Belanger (20 Feb 2012)
"The Partial Rapture Debate"

Dear Friends,

The Partial Rapture Debate


If like myself, you have read some of the websites devoted to the promulgation of a specific view concerning  the partial rapture doctrine, either pro or con, then you may be wondering if there is a site that presents the basic arguments for each side, together with the relevant Scripture citations so that one new to the subject can get started in an informed way.


Many have studied the arguments for both sides and have come away with differing views as to the best interpretation. So, do not have an expectation that it will all be settled by reading on these sites, including the fourth site that contains arguments for both sides, because most readers remain unsure, even after all the study given to this subject. But the learning that can occur during the reading of the arguments is useful in learning more about the Word of God.


Here, I will share a few of the sites that present the arguments for the partial rapture, as they see it

presented in Scripture. First, there is Lyn Mize’s site

More details are given in a 135-page book he wrote called The Open Door, published by Meat in

Due Season Ministries, Chattanooga, TN 37412 (1994).


The second site is by Watchman Nee. The third site is where the views of

J. Leland Earls are presented. Earls’ published works are available online at this site, free of charge.

His biographical information is also provided there.


The fourth, being the one I recommend as a starting site is

Where both sides are presented with Scriptural references.

Robert C. Harris the founder of this web site wrote a 271-page book to provide further details

Concerning the Bridegroom’s return, called The Midnight’s Cry, Will Christians Be Left Behind?

Will Jesus Really Come as a Thief?


If you are a person who enjoys a good debate, then these web sites will be of interest to you. Otherwise,

you may find they may lead to confusion and uncertainty about the whole issue being discussed. Prayer

and meditation with the help of the Holy Spirit are probably a necessity to sorting out the facts and

interpretations concerning this issue.