RJ2 (20 Feb 2012)
"For Arlene re: your post of Feb 16, L. Earls' writings"

Arlene, it pleases me that you have found Leland Earls' writings profitable and enlightening.  He had a rare anointing and he has confirmed much for us.

As far as the "rapture" for the Bride.....I'm looking at the first week in March as a possibility, even the first few days.  Dreams and visions I have seen documented on the net mention a 40 day time frame in which the Bride company will be on the earth, in immortal bodies (Earls says glorified bodies,) ministering to and preparing those who did not make the transformation (I believe in a transformation to immortality rather than a "taking away.")  Many of those dreams were posted on Bill Somers' End Times Prophetic Vision website but I think it is now closed.

Why early March??  Forty days from the time the AC is revealed to the world if that
happens on April 11.  The 40 day time frame has also been mentioned here on Doves

by several others.

Oh, I posted Tommy Hicks' Vision of the End Times here on Jan 27.  Did you get to read that?  I think it complements Earls' view nicely.

My new name is RJ2.  I see that there has been another RJ on here in the past.