Rick (4 Feb 2012)
"The 70th Week, Mid-Trib Rapture, The 3rd Temple, and the Two Decrees"

Hello fellow Doves.

This is my first post.

I have been reading a lot of your posts and am very thankful to the many of you who have been faithful in keeping up with the events that are no doubt leading up to the final days. Please be encouraged and continue posting your discoveries, revelations, dreams, visions, and the like.

I just have a few things to point out and feel I need to do my part. I am not as well versed in scripture as most of you are but I do read my Bible and pray often that God will impart His wisdom to me for a clearer understanding of what we're seeing during these last days.

Regarding Daniel's 70th Week
I believe Daniels 70th week has not yet begun. I don't believe it began on Oct 28, 2008 as some have suggested, nor do I fully believe that BHO is the AC, however, I do see how he could be. In fact, if you consider all the strange sounds, fish and birds dying by the masses, events in the heavens, etc., maybe the Lord is showing us Watchers that THESE EVENTS ARE WHAT WE SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR BUT ARE ONLY A TASTE OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE FINAL 70th WEEK. Could it be that THESE are the warnings that open our eyes to inform us of what the un-saved will experience in the final 7 years??

Mid-Trib Rapture? - Could it be?
I have always been a pre-trib believer, but I also feel there is a possibility that we will be here for the first half of the tribulation. Why? For two reasons (of course, i may be wrong):

   1. Noah and Lot were removed immediately before God's judgement fell; the DAY OF in fact. In Lot's case, he was yanked from his house by the angels immediately before God's wrath fell on the city.
   2. Please see my blog post on Matt 24 and why I believe Jesus confirms the first point of us being taken immediately before His wrath: http://www.rapturereview.com/2011/12/matthew-24-review-proof-of-a-mid-tribulation-rapture/
I am not a pre-wrath believer in that I believe we will be taken "at the last trump". I believe there is the possibility that we will be here up until the AC sits in the temple to proclaim He is God. I believe the order of events, as Jesus tells us in Matt 24 outline, give some good reasoning why this may be so. However, I want to go on record that I am not fully convinced of a mid-trib rapture, which is why I still hope and pray for a pre-trib catching away.

What about the tribulation temple?
I also believe there will be a 3rd temple built in the beginning of the 7yr tribulation. I do agree that the body is Christ's temple but the Jews during the tribulation do not recognize Christ as their Messiah and therefore still require a temple to be built for their sacrifices.

In my opinion, we just need to take God's word as it stands without reading too much into it. Therefore, the fact that there is a final 70th week yet to happen, and that the daily sacrifices and oblations (prayers?) will cease, and that the antichrist will sit in a wing of the temple, simply proves the need for a tribulation temple.

Two Decrees to restore and rebuild Jerusalem?
Finally, when I read Daniel 9:25, i can see the possibility of two decrees going forth to rebuild Jerusalem. I did a short video on this if you are interested (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53IGQHbgrt0). In this video, i question why Daniel breaks down the 70 weeks into two parts, "...there shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks". It appears to me that there could be two seperate decrees that go out "until the Messiah the Prince". I would love to hear your thoughts about this video.

I apologize for the long, multi-part letter.