Rene (6 Feb 2012)
"Re: Jesus requiring the wealthy to pay more taxes..."

You have to realize that ALL COMMUNISTS, even Muslim traitors like the one in the current administration will USE any point in any religion to advance their cause! They try to point out the fact that the early Christians sold their possessions and had their belongings in "common,"but what they fail to point out is that those EARLY CHRISTIANS were sharing their wealth with OTHER CHRISTIANS, not with the unsaved, lost, barbarians that surrounded them and were trying to KILL them!!! (yeah, like the godless barbarians in the current administration!) Imagine B.O. spewing this out and thinking that any American Christians are going to fall for his half-baked theology. He must think that we are all as stupid as he is! The sad fact is that the far-left, Marxist, radical thugs trying to steal America all hang on his every word. Can anyone out there SEE how the world will go AFTER the beast? If you used to wonder how entire countries can be so deceived, you needn't wonder anymore! You can see the sinister repetition of how someone as evil as Hitler managed to deceive an entire country! Everyone thought the Germans were SO STUPID to allow it to happen! Well, look around you!