Rene (6 Feb 2012)
"The sudden "urgency" of dealing with Iran---?"

We have had warnings for at least 4 or more YEARS now that Iran is developing nuclear weapons! NOW that we are about to undergo another election in this country, it has SUDDENLY become a focal point! NOTICE THAT, everyone??? Israel has been issuing warnings about IRAN to this administration from the get-go and they have basically been ignored!!! We even refused to let them use Iraqi airspace at one time! So WHAT IS THE BIG URGENCY now? And why did a top politician get on the news and say in PUBLIC that Israel would probably strike IRAN in the SPRING? If you are going to hit your #1 enemy, why would you ANNOUNCE it to the world? So Iran can heighten their guard and their radar equipment to "watch for" this incoming attack? So the current traitor in the administration and all his radical, Communist, Marxist thugs can try to look like big HEROES again, just in time for the election - ???? like they tried to when Obama Ben Laden was surrounded and supposedly taken out? OH, excuse me, typo there! It should read OSAMA, but then they shared the same agenda!  They both were/are bent on destroying the U.S., so it's so easy to mix them up! Osama hated America. Osama was muslim. Osama surrounded himself with others who hated America and wanted to bring her down!