Rene (3 Feb 2012)
"re: Mercer - the Lie Goes Full Circle"

You are right, Mercer. The Bible goes full circle - it starts with God on the Throne, sinless humanity, a beautiful garden, a tree of life, then a LIE from the devil, man is deceived, and man's rebellion. Murder (Cain), death and hell...The Bible ends with a GREAT LIE in the Trib, a lie from the devil, man is AGAIN deceived, man's rebellion, then the eternal ages with sinless humanity (after the 1000 year reign and man's final rebellion), the TREE of LIFE, the paradise (garden) of God (new heavens and earth), death and hell cast into the lake of fire,  and God on the Throne!  Full circle!!!
The thing is that God is ALWAYS on the throne. He is ultimately in control, but he did give authority to Adam in the garden, then Adam lost it. Mankind will once again regain it when they reign with Christ. Man lost the "image" of God when he fell. The only way to regain the "image" of God is to accept God's image (The Lord Jesus Christ) as your Saviour!