Randy (9 Feb 2012)
"Great Opportunity to Support an International Gospel TEACHING Missionary Program"

Don't know why I didn't bring this to YOUR attention years ago!!
I have been on 2 trips to Haiti in the past 25 years, and that is where I first met Fred......he is one of the most PRODUCTIVE Missionaries I have ever met.
For only $250, you can help Fred START a Gospel Teaching Ministry somewhere around the world.....from South America, to Africa, to Pakistan.  Fred "teaches the teachers" who then take the Gospel all throughout their villages, towns, cities and countries.
What a great INVESTMENT in the Kingdom of God.
"Some people are meant to go......some people are meant to HELP those who go."  This has been my way to HELP those who can GO....and I look forward one day to meeting those people from around the world who have come to Christ through Fred's Missionary work....where I "may" have had a small hand in assisting.
I can never do enough.....but I have done what I could....
If this is something in which you feel led to help.......God bless you........
What could be MORE important in these Last Days, than to bring in the FINAL FEW for the HARVEST!!??
(Fred doesn't know I've put this out there.....so, it's just between YOU and GOD....)
Like Paul in the Bible, who always "paid his way" as a tent-maker.....Fred has always "paid his way as a home builder, and ALL contributions to their ministry goes toward their efforts to spread the Gospel around the world.....not toward staff salaries!!!  Just thought you'd want to know.....
PS, if you'd like to get Fred's Email Newsletter.....write to him at:
Snail Mail address for donations or inquiries:
Global Christian Ministries
164 Luther Shrum Lane
Lincolnton, NC    USA 28902