Randy (7 Feb 2012)
"For Mathman.......what is your opinion on this book?  2012 is HEATING UP!!!!"

Mathman...... if you get a chance, go to this website and download the FREE book:  The Divine Calendar.  Or Google:  The Divine Calendar......
Let me know what you think....I found it fascinating !!  IF it is true and accurate and from God, then the Jewish Year 5778 (2018..70 years after Israel was reborn) is critical to these end times. 
I don't know about the rest of you.....but 2012 is off to a FLYING START.
News about Israel going after Iran is EVERYWHERE......radio, TV, Cable news, interent news, main stream news....PBS........
The questions are:
1) Is the Rapture at the same time as the attempt by Iran to bomb Israel out of existence?.... before the Rapture
2) Is there a brief amount of time after this heavy exchange of bombs, before the Rapture?
3) Is the Rapture ON a Jewish Feast day?  If so, is it Easter +/-?  Is it Pentecost +/-?  Or, is it on/around Rosh Hashanah, Sept 16-18, 2012??
With this Israel/Iran conflict imminent....the Rapture couldn't possibly be later than 2012.....could it????
Let's face it.......we have ALL been watching this Iran/Israel thing build for well over 7 years.   I have an article on my Predictions Board at home (I've said this before) from 2005.....and it reads "Iran will NEVER negotiate away it's right for a nuclear program."
Iran has become an EXPERT as stalling the world/USA/Europe/UN/Nuclear Inspectors, etc, etc...saying ONE thing to appease everyone, while continuing to enrich, test missiles, work with North Korea and pursue the BOMB!! And the rest of the world BOUGHT INTO ALL OF THAT.
Let's face it.....EVERYONE just kicked the can down the road on this subject. NO US PRESIDENT has wanted to be THE ONE to go after Iran.  BUT< time is UP!!
Israel is at "the red line" and they are going to do this.  (Read Joel Rosenberg's new book "The Tehran Initiative" ......  came out last October, and the story is ALL ABOUT What is coming soon, as Israel goes after Iran, to STOP them....an incredible book!!  Taking the story RIGHT OUT OF  TODAY"S Headlines!!
I'm getting EXCITED!! (Can you tell.....from my posts on Monday??) 
IF there is NO Raputure by the end of September...(Rosh Hashanah is Sept 16-18 this year) I'm going to be on dissappointed puppy!! 
Israel's attack on Iran...is going to be the worlds WORST KEPT SECRET!!  ONLY the EXACT DATE will be a secret!
Hmmmmmmm....sound like another topic, doesn't it?? 
The Rapture, for those of us who are watching.......is going to be the world's WORST KEPT SECRET!!  Only the EXACT DATE...MAY be a secret!! 
Jesus told the Pharasies (spelling) Mathew 16:3:  You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.
QUESTION:  Is Israel's fight against Iran, to SAVE IT'S LIFE (Iran will have the BOMB within 9 months (?) and they have said they want to see Israel WIPED OUT now for the past 10 years or more)  a "sign of our times?" ??????? 
Is the world paying attention to this???   According to the news now, yes.....  But is the world paying attention to WHAT THIS MEANS in God's plans for these last days????
And the answer is.......... NO, they are NOT! 
I'm reminded of Jack Kelley's recent article: "Regarding Watchers in these Last days, the phone rang.....and we picked it up....and now, we can't put it down...." Re, Watching for the Rapture......it's something we all simply CANNOT turn away from.   WE KNOW THE SIGNS......because WE ARE WAtching, and the Holy Spirit has put it in our hearts!!
He also says...."Why can't WE be like other Christians, who go about living in la-la land, without a care in the world, about the nearness of the Rapture and the Tribulation?"  That's when Jack says....'the phone rang, and we answered it....and we can't put it down."
(MY paraphrase from memory.....)