Randy (2 Feb 2012)
"Incredible White House/Obama quote...what happened in America?"

"We should celebrate the success of people who are earning $1 million and more a year, but we really don't, particularly in this time of tight budgets and hard choices, (They) need to subsidize that," Whitehouse said.
What???  We should celebrate their success by doing what?  By TAXING them more?
Ya......let's CELEBRATE THEIR success...but making them give MORE of it to the rest of us!!!   Ya, that's the ticket!!      WHAT THE HECK???
Now I can take both sides of this debate.  (But, what a quote from our president!)
First,,,,,I will never have the problem of making MORE than $1 million/year.  LOL.....  Wish I did.....
Second:  So, let's TAX THEM ALOT, so the Government, in it's WISDOM, can spend it ANY WAY THEY WANT...whether it's on things like the SOLYNDRA Loan for $500 million that went bad in 18 months......or IN THE SPIRIT OF Take from the rich and give to the poor, put more people on the government dole....... or ObamaCare......
Let's face it, the US governement has proven IT IS NOT CAPABLE OF handling the money they take in and spend......GOSH, WHAT A SURPRISE!!!  Same problem with Europe.......
The more they will get, the more they will spend.......EVERY YEAR.....EVERY YEAR.....EVERY YEAR...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want to go HOME.....I hope it's THIS year.
There were SO MANY things happening last year..and right now, we are in a lull.  Is it the Lull before the storm?   Before all heck breaks loose in the Middle East??  In Europe's financial mess?  In the USA's financial mess??