Phil (13 Feb 2012)
"Women's Australian Open Golf Championship"

John and Doves,
This tournament was held over four days in Melbourne and reached an interesting climax with six ladies finishing in equal first place on Sunday.
They were all on 3 under par. 6 on -3 at the top of the leader board. I immediately thought of Ron Reese! -3-3-3-3-3-3.
They had to play the 18th hole again to find a winner!!! All six of them! All on -3!!! They all finished the hole with the same number of strokes so they had to replay the
18th hole again!!! Eventually the American girl Jessica Korda won with a magnificent put. Her age? Well 18 of course!
She is 18 and won on the 18th hole that they played 3 times that afternoon and all 6 were on 3 under par or -3.
I thought her winning put was about 18 feet long!
How very odd!
Keep looking up,